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  • Hari Bol Prabhu jee,

     Its a great thought , let we all do organise the holy chanting event but remember it must be done on Holiday

    And everyone always want to grasp such a nice opportunity


    Your Servant ,


    • Hari bol,

      Ya totally agree . We must do it on Sunday . But we need place .

  • Volunteer

    i do not agree with You dear Ashwani Kumar Prabhu, 

    in India people are so simple hearted and naturally ready to accept chanting and Krishna.

     For example, few days back we were in Mumbai and visited one of my friend's house. They used to live in a place where lots of families live in a very small rooms, very austere. When we started to do Kirtan at her little room with karatal neighbors started to come. We invited them to come to the room, after some while room was fully filled up all were loudly chanting the Holy Names. Children, women, fathers brothers were hearing from a distance.

    It was a wonderful feeling.

    We just went to visit my friend but as a result there was a big Sankirtana yagya.

    In this way, it is possible! Lord Gouranga's mission is powerful. Everyone will be attracted to the Holy Names. We have fully trust to the Holy Names. Only with Faith we can buy the Holy Names.

    Your servant, 

    • hare krishna,

      I totally agree with you . I myself have seen such magical events. Krishna & his name is soo charming that everybody gets attracted towards it..

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