yoga for health

Hare Krishna,

Why is that Yoga ( mean yoga as exercise) is mis understood in iskcon community.  Whenever that question arises, it is being told that it is not ultimate way to realise God. we've  No argument on that.

But what  about yogic exercise as health point of view?

why is that doing 15-20 minutes stretching  yoga or breathing exercises like pranayama

to maintain health are not encouraged. 

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  • the quick answer might be, that The Devotee is' relishing the mature fruits of all the types of Yoga practices while avoiding the incurring the inconveniences of the artificial impositions on their minds, that happen when performing the traditional types of astringent posturing and uncomfortable ecstatic unnatural impersonal universally aggressive, austerities. for just as understanding that Krishna is the purpose behind the Vedas service rendered to Krishna is the cause of the same experiences derived by performing the different types of yoga.Such as the purification of the body and the clearing of the mind, except without any negative impersonal temporary side effects. indeed a personal, 1st. person understanding and a loving familiarity with The HeadGod automatically happens Him for them, & in them for Him. Krishna Bhakti, for one thing, is painless whereas impersonal yogic exercises are usually not, painless or Personal hence don't result in a loving relationship with or the experiencel understanding of supreme personality or God., as the supreme person.
    And it is this lack of the potential for the development of that "personal relationship with The Head God is why the Bhaktis are Not very much attracted to the classic yoga practices. As I would suppose! That Prabhu is' a fine question, tho and in my personal view integrating more yoga into the mantra session, whenever posable would be the most appropriate/effective and beneficial thing,
    however, I am under the opinion that life and yoga should be practiced as (pain-free as possible. And when the qualities of the yoga experience can be had without all the support *(Rits) attentiveness or physical and mental intensities Why bother.?
  • I think yes yoga is a eise move as long as ones understandings surrounding the stark-realitys serrounding this transcendental expedition as a very real Expantion of onecs subtal intelligence.
    (It's more than simple exorcise) & holding-out that it is simply a health inhanser is undersealing it's potential for both good & ill effects on one's euquhnimnaty & samness/consistency of energetic-integraty/identaty. Which is the perpus of bhakti to develup a consistently of identaty that you can be known ''as we are" I use posturing\Yoga in prepporation for & during chanting. But I try and avoid being as aggressive in my emotional & physical intensities with yoga while chanting just trying to remain comfortable! Yoga has a lot of potentuel to make one an ectreemist! But Vishnava's don't propagate other yogas than BhaktiYoga because Liboration Clarification of the mind & control of the sinses all all aworded gratuitously/freely. Within minutes & the results are a bounding with the object of attentions. Where as yoga on the impersonal energies "BRAMAJOITI"? IS estatic but impersonal. No Love no memory of you the yogi, more or less exercise is all that, that is. And din't think that Yoga is not a dangerus thing because it is CAUTION* Thare are many many impersonal SuperStars out there more than happy to userp your energies as their own & cause unwanted attachments & bonds thar we do not desier to belasting, i.e. the risk of"Overexposure is real & great with conventional yoga & it's karmic bhakti is not! I find!
    • I like yoga,always have, always will. I find no problem CHANTING while practicing it, but am caushus knowing that the impression I make will be meaningfull. Yoga is "An artafishel imposition upon the mind Bhakti is not, bhakti is the development process of a long term relationship with Krishna & He likes consistency of carrictor & energies. Krishna is Sincere 100%
      Krishna will meet us where we are
      He will honor our efforts & He Will dignafy our questions with answers. Yoga gone wrong or taken the wrong way can be very disterbing to those around us & bhakti on the other hand is pleasing to everyOne because it attracts the awairness of the Godhead's & everyone ealse. Yoga can be, when misunderstood yoga can be a catastrophe of. Physical discombobulation & emotional abandonment. But Yoga an't no joke not a game. Not really a real exorcise because it's more of a spiritual expedition with impersonal karmic ovituers & offten extreme reactions/results.
      Yet utalized intelligently & modestly yoga is an overall positive acting tool for *intently &/seriously-physillatating transformations. That's what yoga is a tool for making big big Divine statement, not exactly a child's toy or a recreational pastimes! ?
  •    Prayanayama is recommended by many Vaisnavas as a way to prepare the mind before chanting. Srila Prabhupada also did hatha yoga as part of his personal health program, and he did write the book "easy journey to other planets" :-) 

    • Prabhuji, is this hatha yoga described and encouraged in Easy Journey to Other Planets? I’d like to learn more about excercise that is Srila Prabhupada approved.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I agree, one has to be physically fit, to be able to do all the devotional services one wants to. For physical fitness, yoga and walking are very good, low cost options. 

    A lot of devotees walk in the morning and evening and continue chanting. Whereas to do yoga, one is not able to chant at that time. Devotees want to chant their committed rounds in mangal muhurta, before sunrise, or as early in the morning as possible. Then there are daily duties of cooking (for ladies), arati, going to work, balancing work, sadhana, family life and preaching. In all this, physical fitness takes a huge beating. That is the reason one ends up giving yoga a pass and doing every thing else.

    I am saying from my experience - while I completely appreciate and want to do 30 min yoga everyday, I am unable to find the time for it. Therefore, I walk whenever I can (maybe once or twice a week) for 15-20 minutes. 

    Increasingly, there is an awareness that devotees are not at all physcially fit and individual attempts are being made towards inculcating a fitness regimen in the daily routine. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • thanks mataji. this clarifies.  what I understand from your message - 30 mins stretching + breathing

      exercise is not an issue with respect to physical health as well as spiritual progress. 

      But I want to tell you - generally what I hear in Iskcon lectures is that  these exercises are not recommended, as it will lead to attraction towards  body.

      Any how, your reply clarifies. thanks. hari bol.

      • E-Counselor

        Incorrect understanding prabhuji. I never heard such a thing - that exercises are not recommended, as it will lead to attraction to the body. On the contrary, I know Maharajs going to gym regularly to keep fit.

        • thanks mathaji for your clarification.

      • that is not true prabhuji... from own experience and also prabhupad says in BG purport ( that yoga & pranayam help control senses and mind (& chant better). However it's said that in advanced stage one may not feel the need for these practices 

        Bg 6.3
        The process of linking oneself with the Supreme is called yoga. It may be compared to a ladder for attaining the topmost spiritual realization. This…
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