"When Krishna sees that the peacocks are dancing for His pleasure, He reciprocates by dancing with them. Krishna wanted to serve the peacocks by pleasing them. And as the peacocks and Krishna were dancing, seeing their ecstatic dance the flute in Krishna’s hands began to play on its own. In this way all the peacocks and other animals on Govardhan began to dance with Krishna on the sweet melodies of Krishna’s flute.

Krishna kept the peacock feather on top of His head indicating that He accepted their love. This represents that Krishna is always subordinate to the love of His devotees."

- HH Radhanath Swami


"In whatever way My devotees surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pṛthā." 

- Sri Chaitanya Charitramrit Adi Leela 4.178

Dear devotees,

Time and again we too have had divine interventions in our life, where we felt the divine presence of Lord in our life. In such moments, our faith in Lord increased by leaps and bounds as it was affirmed to us that He takes care of us.

I request all the devotees to share their wonderful experiences of Krishna reciprocating with them.

Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Ki Jai !!

Sri Sri Gaur Nitai Ki Jai !!

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai !!

Srila Guru Deva Ki Jai !!


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  • Prabhus and Matajis;

    More often in the neophtye stage of devotional service ( Consider me the one at the most neophyte stage); it is often we mistake material understanding to be higher understanding. This definitely happens as part of the namabhasa process of Chanting. True Realizations are reflected when one advances in the Namabhasa Stage and proceeds to the stage of Suddha nama when there is no expectancy of any realization and one is content simply in the Chanting of the Holy name and nothing else. We have to be always humble and continuously Chant relentlessly the Holy Name. If one is comfortable one has to immediate undertake a serious study of Chaitanya Charitamrita. The 1974 version of Srila Prabhupada's great translation of the Chaitanya Charitamrita is recommended. This reduces our hallucinating tendencies and keeps us steadfast in devotional service

    Discuss and Read More

    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


      WHat you are saying is absolutely right - we all start with naam aparadh, go to naam abhaas and then only reach shudh naam in our chanting journey.

      If you read the experiences mentioned above, these are genuine experiences. Its more like how the lord showed one glimpse to Narada Muni in his previous birth and when Narada muni started hankering for that glimpse again, the lord finally said you will have to do sadhana this birth to become a pure devotee in the next birth.

      In my personal experience also, when I first started on this journey, the experiences and the feeling was something special. Gradually that has been replaced with a comfort, routine kind of. That first feeling is not there anymore. What happens in later stages is, we tend to look for and recognise small mercies also. Then we dont need any earth shattering experience or life altering experience to reinforce our belief. The entire life becomes one where we can spot His mercy everywhere around us.

      Just sharing my thoughts. I am of course open to correction.


      Your servant,


      • Mataji;

        I tend to agree with you. However let us all agree that Chanting in itself is the most special form of mercy that we in the Krishna Consciousness Movement are blessed with by the Grace of Srila Prabhupada. Its my personal experience that all other mercies of the Lord were there even before we came to Krishna Consciousness .Its only now that we are now relating better and feel that the Lord is now helping us in this way and that. hence we have to be very clear that all that we are discussing as realizations are just observations which were not seen by us earlier ; though they existed for sure then..  only thing that we never had the perspective then.Realizations come when you are almost eye to eye with the Lord like Narada who is himself an empowered expansion of the Lord. What are we :-)

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna to all,

    I know the last post of mine, most of you will think, where is the reciprocation? To me, its the power of chanting. I was chanting on the way and both of us got saved.

    Telling you another story - Jan 2010 - Mumbai. We had gone to Mumbai for some 2-3 day seminar organised by my office and were (forcefully) put up in Navi Mumbai. People from all India had been called for this seminar. Whole days would go in seminar. Mornings I would get up and go to ISKCON temples. First morning I went to Navi Mumbai temple, without knowing where it is. I was a little late for the seminar and people came to know that I had visited a temple in the morning. That night there was a formal dinner and dance party for all of us.

    Next day was vyas puja of HH Radhanath maharaj. My congregation friends of Kolkata were pushing me to go for Mangalarti atleast, if I cant go duirng vyas puja. I was trying to organise a car during that dance dinner to go to Chowpatty temple at 3.30 am. One colleague from Chennai heard that I plan a temple visit the next morning, he also wanted to join in. I agreed. Now I have never met this colleague before, still I was focused only on visiting the Chowpaty temple for mangalarti.

    Next morning, we both got ready and discovered that car fellow has ditched us. He is not picking up the phone and obviously the car is nowhere in sight. We got out of the premises at 4.00 am. At this stage, we dont even know whether to go left or right. I was behaving as if obsessed. I simply ran in one direction, with my colleague running behind me. In 2 min, one car came, asked where we are going, we said Vasai station. He agreed to go, saying he is going in that direction only. We got in. When we reached the station, I was frantically running trying to get train tickets, but my colleague said, we'll go by cab. We found one cab there, but no driver. I was standing beside the cab, generally running around and my friend was making some inquiries. Then the cab driver materialised from nowhere and said ok, he'll take us to Chowpaty.

    This taxi was a super slow taxi. The driver said there's low gas, so he's driving slow. He even stopped to get the gas filled - only TEN min it took him. I was continously chanting with tears in my eyes. Somehow we reached Babulnath temple and then I was looking for the lane for Chowpatty temple. When I saw a couple of devotees walking in a lane, I jumped and told the cabbie to take that lane. By the time we reached, it must have been 5.00 am. I was so hyper, my colleague said, I'll pay, you run. I actually ran ahead, just having time to tell my colleague that the temple is on the first floor.

    I ran upto the first floor, but all doors are closed. I can hear yasya prasadad bhagavat prasado.... but dont know how to enter. By now, I am in great state of panic and have to get inside somehow. Just then one of the doors opened and someone stepped out. I ran inside and ran in the space kept between matajis and prabhujis. Went right in front. Got a very very disapproving glance from Maharaj. BUt was so ECSTATIC taht I made it, despite everything and am standing in front of the deities and even Maharaj has cast his glance on me (though disapproving).

    We had planned to leave immediately  after mangalarti so that we can even have breakfast. I was not interested in leaving at all. Seeing that, my colleague agreed to stay back and I got to do some mala seva for the vyas puja. The venue was somewhere else (I think Sion). We just saw darshan arti and immediately started. We even got to drop one mataji to the venue on the way.

    My colleague was thanking me and I was thanking him. He couldnt believe how time stretched and we got in time for mangalarti. He is completely new to ISKCON, just went because it was  temple visit. We both skipped breakfast, but thought it was small change for the miracle in the morning.

    Later we found out from Bombay colleagues that the areas we went in the morning - outside our campus and outside Vasai station near the cab, were both highly unsafe and I was not recommended to be there at that time at all.

    I can only say Haribol!!!

    • Very very funny experience : ) Shraddha was the fuel that made you keep running from far place Navi Mumbai to Girgaon Chowpatty.  You reached in flat 1 hour! That's really amazing!

      I am close to one Prabhuji (Bhaktyoday das Prabhu), even he is a superfast express like you : ) I was reminded of him while reading your experience.

      Haribol! Mataji, I enjoyed reading this experience of yours : )

      Hare Krishna!

  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhujis and Matajis,


    YOur wonderful experiences are inspiring me so much that I want to share another small incident.

    Mumbai Train blasts - I was also in Mumbai that time. I had gone to Colaba area for some work and was returning in the evening. One friend whom I had not met for some time insisted that I come by train - normally I would have taken a bus. She stayed in Borivli and wanted to meet me at Dadar station and take the train from there itself. I took a train. Its very normal for me to be chanting during all my journey times, which I do till today. When we reached Elphinstone station, one colleague called up to say there are blasts happening in trains, where are u? When I told him, he said get out of the station and start walking. Because of me, people around me also heard blast in trains and the train was not moving ahead also. So finally we all got down and started walking out.

    We were asking strangers where they are going, ensuring no cab has only one person, all people going to one area get into one cab. When I reached home (Prabhadevi at that time), my friend was calling frantically and was panicking because I was not taking calls. She was so relieved that I am safe, she thought I am in one of the trains which had a blast. Then she came home and we watched the news on TV.

    Only then we realised that the tension was for her, not me. All the blasts happened after Dadar station, in first class compartments, in back to back 7 fast trains. If she hadnt waited for me, she would have surely been in one of those 7 trains, in the first class compartment. By one move, Krsna saved both of us.



  • What is that you don't agree?

    • Volunteer

      sorry but I do not agree that I am anywhere near to Vaishnava.

      just see how lazy I was to bring her roti.

      feels very sad.

      will share other experinces but I encourage other devotees to share theirs too.

      Hare Krishna

      • But you repented. Then you did atonement (prayashchit) . You should no longer feel sad now. Anyway, it's your humility...

        Will wait for your other experiences. 

        Hare Krishna!

        • Volunteer

          I guess I will be happy once Krishna will arrange meeting with that same Go Mata.. I remember her bodily features.

          please pray.

          will share some other exp tomorrow. Want to read someone else's now.

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