it is wrong bcz they are also humans...even though they eat meat but they also pray can some one folowing their customs can be said wrng..and dont you think that hating muslims means u r nt loving gods creation..they r also his children...i know some ppl are kind of bad...but it dosent mean that everyone is bad.. u say allah or u say krishna god comes for help..then y these hatered feeling..

           dont u think that when god loves everyone..u should allso love them

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        Its not a matter of Quran or Non Quran , its matter of God counciousness ,

        Quran is correct we are wrong , people are wrong who interpret Quran .

        Quran is correct as per the circumstances it was given to Prophet Mohommad .

        It depend on people to understand the good in it .

        You can not compare Bhagavatam or Gita or Quran ,

        As you can not compare treatment for Mild cancer , Strong Cancer .

  • Yes.
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