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Hare Krishna,Tulasi Devi in the form of a plant is a eternal vaishnava devotee of Lord Krishna. It is mentioned in the skanda purana that growing vrinda plants from seeds, taking care of Krishna Priya Devi by watering it and worshipping it, touching, circumambulating divine tulasi Devi and offering tulasi leaves at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna the supreme personality of godhead can bestow pure love for Lord Raadhaa Krishna, deliver from sin of killing a brahmana, remove sinful reactions, deliver the ancestors and relatives, keep yamaraja the Lord of death personified and transform the place of worship to vaikuntha the residence of Lord narayana.Would like to know if it's recommended that tulasi Devi worship should only be done if grown from seed, manjari.Any help to obtain Sri naarada pancharaatra ebook, paper back, hard cover for daily deity worship will be appreciated.Thanks.Om Jaya Raadhaa Maadhaba Krishna Priya tulasi Devi namaha dandabata.

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