Worshiping cows

Hare krishna,

Dandavat pranam.


     We have come across two types of cows known as "Holy Indian cow"(desi cow) and "jersey cow".According to science,they say that desi cow's milk,cow dung is good and contains antibiotic.

     So,on the platform of worship which cows to be worshiped? please help and give a clear answer.

     If any offense,please forgive me.

ur servant,

 jana jeeewini radha dd

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • matter is to serve the cow....as the matter is to serve the humanity not  by the religion. krishna also served the cows with cowhard wether in anywhere in vrindavan. so dont go in arguement. serve the cow feeding them not only by worhsipping as they also have hunger and thurst

  • As a cow is incomparable in it's purity & # of services it is logical that it is so highly respected, and because it is so respectable I do, however to say worshipable I don't. In my mind Bhakti(s) save Souls, Cows do not. Hence worshipable' in my mind is a slightly if not extreme exaggeration as a glutten it certainly cannot be considered as a regulated intaty,? It can be considered an extremely grateful and generous Soul however, & even "properly situated, as it is cent per cent surrendered in the service to all. In this way and to this extant it is wise! As seen by me, I don't have clothing or eat of it's flesh. But that is the extent of my respective prospective! No offence intended! (Bhakti-Guru is more than respectable as it is by their Grace & Windom that anyone snd everyone can reclaim reestablish or reawaken our personal relationships with the GodHeads. And this is our most if not our only true cause as lost souls, not milk butter or even the dellacasys such as cerds. Although, where would our offerings intended to demonstrate our desiet for a devotional relationships B? Call me a Spiritual Scientist but, let's stick to the facts please. Such as it's not pronounced HA'DAY It's most properly pronounced Haray*
    Just SayN!
    No offence but we are not Probupodda * We are Hi's COWS. Hare Haray Om Tat Sat!
This reply was deleted.