• Hare Krishna,

    Lord Chaitanya exhibited unusal qualities since childhood itself. He was born on a lunar eclipse day on Gaura puarmani ( full moon day) when people were all chanting hari nama at that time. During His childhood also whenever He cried people chanted Harinama to make Him quiet. Lord was all inspiring to everyone to chant Harinama since birth itself. He became a very good student and learned teacher in vedanta and grammar at a young age and defeated many scholars but He came to know His real cause of birth as soon as HE  chanted  Gopal Mantra given by Ishvara Puri, who became his first mantra initiation guru. He realized and there was akashwani also that his real cause of birth was to propagate  Harinama. He was oozing Harinama as He moved. The vibe was so strong that everyone who just felt the air crossing their body ( when Lord passed from nearby) they started to dance in ecstasy and sing and chant harinama. This was long before his Sanyasa Initiation also.

    Sanyasa Initiation was not even required by Lord, He was already a sanyasi even though in grihastha ashrama. He was all the time submergered in singing, dancing and doing kirtan in Srivaas's AAngan. People who followed HIM  really enjoying his Maha prakash lila which Lord exhibited all avatars of Vishnu. 

    Sanyasa He took only to make those fools who were critcizing Him that being a grihastha that Chaitanya is behaving abnormal and it could be fake to dispel these people's doubts he took sanyasa..

     Those so called brahamins in those times they thought only a renounced sanyasi can become eligible for enlightenment. They don't understand that Lord Himself came down as Sri Chaitanaya and these so called brahmins  began doing offense against HIM. As Lord is very merciful and wanted to make them see that He is the same Avataari Lord Sri Krishna and also stop them from doing more and more offenses against Lord. Lord took up sanayasa. It was not a must for He was always a perfect renunciate from within. And Sankirtan movement was way started long before the initiation of sanyasa was taken up. Ofcourse, after becoming sanyasa Lord spread the sankirtan movement all across the country.

    This Snayasa was just to make people believe in HIS words and stop offenses against Lord thats all. 

    The mood exhibited by Lord Chaitanya is always you can see in deities they are in dancing mood one hand up in air and another hand down denotes they are always in ecstatic mood, swirling in ecstasy and doing mass congregational sankirtan.  It is from Navadwipa Lord started this Sankirtan movement and spread all across the world. So, Lord is celebrated and worshipped as Navadwipa chandra.

    Mood in Jagannatha puri is of a devotee. In those days many people were unaware of HIS ture Identity, they just thought he is some ordinary sanyasi or a pure devotee dancing madly in esctasy and singing hari nama.

    But now as we all fully aware now, that Lord is not just an ordianry person or just a pure devotee or just a sanyasi. He is avataari Lord Sri Krishna HIMSELF so why not worship him in the Godly status. 

    Lord Sri Chaitnaya was strictly against mayavaadi philosophy but he took sanyasa dikhsha from a Shankaracharya mission preacher Sri Keshava Bharati, just to comply with the need of the society. Because society at that time was following this rules that if the person is not into sanyasa order or renounced order they wont accept his teachings.

    But again Lord didn't want them to take the wrong teaching and understanding from Shakaracharya mission preachers .. In Mayavaadi philosophy  it is " Aham Brahamsmi" that means I am God. when the Sanyasa becomes enlightened they used to proclaim themselves are Brahmagyani and said they are God themselves. Because they mergerd their soul in the Brahman.

    Lord Sri Chaitanaya took sanayasa order of life not to prove that he is Brahamgyani or not to declare He is God. He just wanted to be merciful on people who were criticing HIM and followed the then order in the society. BUT there was no necessity for Lord to show any one HIS Aura itself was indicative and many leelas are indicative that He is Avataari Sri Krishna Himself in channa form ( covered concealed form) in Radharani's mood.  But Lord doesn't want again to propagate mayavaadi philosophy that " I am God" because I have taken sanayasa intiation from a Shankaracharaya missionary sanyasi Keshava Bharati. His main aim was to propagate only Harinama and for that he as taken this sanayasa only for the sake of some stupid fools who were not able to accept HIM as God and not able to have faith in Lord's name. Look at his merciful nature for the sake of all He accepted sanyasa order of life.

    But main idea of taking sanyasa is NOT to support Mayavaadi philosophy of "  I am God" aham brahamasmi  ..

    Main idea is to spread Harinama Sankirtana.

    So only we see in all temples the Nitaai Gauranga deities are in dancing form with either hands up in air or one hand up and one hand down.

    It shows that if Two hands are up in air means-- That the surrender to completely to the Supreme Lord is must.

    If one hand up and one hand down shows-- that they are Spreading harinama sankirtan by dancing in ecstasy.





    Hare Krishna.

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