• Hare krsna thankfor your reply..i am in deed in need of money for my further study and my parents expect me to earn some exrrtra money 4 saving ..but after my completion of bachelor i havent found good job that meet my neds m enrolled in iskcon govindas...i hav been serving all senior .junior nd neophyte devotess and hapy wid that ...but parents are too worried for my m little awaiting ..till the good job or starting a new study i can work and assiciate wid vaisnavas....haribol
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      along with Your further education You may learn some practical skills Prabhu.

      Like driving, painting, cooking, playing in musical instruments...

      Even if You do not find a job You may make money using Your skills, no?!

      Your servant,

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    Please accept my humble obeisances!

    Rightly says Rashmi Mataji.

    But if You have some nice qualities and ability to make enough money in honest way outside then that is better.

    If You can even You can increase Your qualifications and do even more better job, no?!

    In Govindas You may work and association maybe nice. But it is very difficult to make savings with very less paid salary.

    Working there means whole life depend on that job. No saving, no own business which could save Your time for other services.

    So decide Yourself, Prabhu, extra lakshmi may be helpful to Your further education also.

    Your servant,

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Like everything else in life, there are no straight answers or no correct or wrong answers to this question. If you work in Govinda's, you will be doing service and getting paid for it! If you work outside, you will earn more, you will be able to meet your financial commitments, you will be able to stabilise financially faster, so that eventually you can work in Govinda's.

    If you work in Govinda's, eventually you will be serving Maharajs of ISKCON and all senior devotees who visit your restaurant, as well as neo phytes and non devotees who visit your restaurant for eating. You could put some nice kirtan in the background - nice pictures of Srila Prabhupada and deities on the walls, keep books in a small corner and feed them prasadam.

    The choice is yours. You know your situation best - what is your financial commitment/ needs? How far is both the places from your house? How do you want your KC to progress - eventually in what direction , as a full time servant in the temple or a weekend devotee like me. What are the expectations of your family from you?


    Your servant,


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