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    When we do our duties honestly life is easier even with karmi people.

    We just do our duties thinking of Krishna by chanting His Names on our mind. And be always in bliss.

    Or hearing lectures about Krishna. 

    But externally doing our service because we have to do that. It is true nothing is easy in this world - even for a peace of bread we have to work hard. So we have to do that. Tolerating some difficulties.

    Difficulties with traveling, with some angry people, with etc.

    We cannot change the world until unless we do not change our inner world.

    If it is better for preaching and honor in karmi job to wear tie or costume then we have to wear that. Time, place and circumstances.

    Devotee externally may act as a full karmi as Gadadhar Pandits spiritual master. I think his name was Pundaridhi Vidyanidhi. He was a king who used to look to the mirror so often, wear golds, silk, sit and sleep on costly sofas etc but from within he was fully absorbed in Krishna Consciousness - thoughts of Krishna.

    But this means: we have to wake up before brahma muhurta, chant our rounds, read Srimad Bhagavatam, honor Prasadam in this way we are protected from any type of maya.

    With chanting and regulative life style we should not joke, but do that perfectly. 

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    A devotee has to do work as service to Krsna. He has to work without indulging in dirty office politics and gossip. Whenever there's a little time in the office also, he has to read or chant or do kirtan - together with other people if possible.

    Balancing work and spiritual life is a challenge and the answer to this is that we have to find out for ourselves what works for us. We have to be steadfast in our devotion and follow the 4 regulative principles at all costs. No compromise on that under any circumstances.

    Please remember that all non-KC people are future devotees, therefore we should not drive away anyone with our behaviour.

    I hope I have been able to help you somewhat.


    Your servant,


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