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Won't a religion tied to an earthly location culturally make it more difficult for people to accept? Is it making it more inaccessible?

One of the things that most people find very hard to accept about religion is the location of its origin.
Most of the Vedic stories we find, as far as humanity and planet Earth is concern, all happened in India, more or less.
Similarly, as for the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), they have a middle eastern origin.
For example, Lord Krishna wore 'dhoti' and the gopis wore 'sarees'. Likewise, Jesus, Mary and Joseph all wore
middle eastern clothing.
So, my question is what do God really wear or speak or eat? In the Vedic scripture they are illustrated to strictly wear
"Indian clothing" speak "sanskrit" and sustained on "vegetarian diet" or is it the other way around;
is it a transcendental thing or is it an Indian thing? Then again, claiming that all things Indian are transcendental in
origin won't be very helpful would it? That adds fire to the already exsiting ego maniacs out there claiming theirs to
be the best.
Same thing goes for the middle eastern religions - God and angels speak 'Hebrew'/'Latin'/'Arabic', wear that ancient
Israeli/Arabic robes and ate an ancient Israeli/Arabic diet.
So when a faith is tied to the location of its origin, culturally, it becomes very hard to accept for the people living in
different locations that shares none of the culture wherefrom it began.
Yes, you can blame it on the conditioning of the "embodied souls" still if you were serious and about to think in a more
realistic way, wouldn't it be great if we have a better, sensible explanation for this fact? In my opinion it is
the single most contraining factor that makes a lot people second guess about accepting religion in general because in
their mind it seems more like cultural conditioning/invasion than a actual transcendental offer/experience.
Sensible, easy to understand, non pretentious answer would be much appreciated.   

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Hare Krsna Prabhu

Religion has got something to do with time, place and circumstances. Depending upon the advancement of people in general etc.

What we are trying to discuss here is eternal religion which is the same everywhere!

It cannot change because it is the eternal function of the soul.

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


I understand and appreciate your point. The problem is that the timeless religion is now lost. There are evidences of Kali temples in South America, stories of Ramayan depicted on walls in ancient Italy, even today Angkor Vat, Samudra Manthan pastime relics in South Asia, another Ayodhya, Bali's kingdom in Cambodia or some such neighbourign country.... I could go on and on... Even the gold that was make the golden city Lanka came from Brazil, as Srila Prabhupada has mentioned. Earlier times, the world was one land mass - Jambudwipa. Gradually, it became 7 islands. Even today, if you compress the lad masses, it will add up to 1 land mass - the cuts on the land mass in continents are complimentary.

Coming from the ancient religion of Sanatan dharma, we naturally will say this is authentic. Krsna wore dhoti and gopis sarees. 

However, the thing to note that our devotion is not dependent on these externals - what we wear has no consequence to Krsna - He simply sees the sincere desire in our hearts to please Him and establish relationship with Him.

Thanks to Srila Prabhupada, we now have a world family, where every cuisine known to mankind is offered to Their Lordships - be it noodles, or pastries, or pizza, or rotis.... anything and everything made, that is vegeterian and without onion and garlic is offered to Them and devotees relish remnants of Mahaprasadam. 

Regarding language, God has the capacity to speak with us in every language and even without language. These are externals prabhuji, dont be bothered. Just try to establish relationship with that one Supreme. The rest will follow, if it doesnt, it doesnt matter.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna !!

I have no knowledge, but just felt if the below information could be helpful, so sharing.  You can please check if you feel : 


2. SB 4.29.62 — The living entity labors under the bodily conception of “I am this, I am that. My duty is this, and therefore I shall do it.” These are all mental impressions, and all these activities are temporary; nonetheless, by the grace of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the living entity gets a chance to execute all his mental concoctions. Thus he gets another body.

Purport ( last para): “The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine made of the material energy.” (Bg. 18.61) Situated on the vehicle given by material nature and reminded by the Supersoul within the heart, the living entity struggles all over the universe to fulfill his plans, thinking, “I am a brāhmaṇa,” “I am a kṣatriya,” “I am an American,” “I am an Indian,” and so on. All these designations are of the same essence. There is no point in becoming a brāhmaṇa in preference to an American or becoming an American in preference to a Negro. After all, these are all bodily conceptions under the modes of material nature. 

- Haribol !!

Thank you moderator for approving this humble question and thank you all for answering so kindly. I appreciate it. 

Radha Rasamayiji, you make very interesting point. Ancient Vedic ruins in the south east Asian nations is well documented but I've never heard of Europe or South America having a link to a worldwide Vedic past. I'm not denying it. It's quite possible...just unheard of. I'll look it up. Thank you.  

Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

Dear Prabhuji - Here are few points from Acharya's teachings/discourses, request to consider the points 'constructively' and forgive Adiyen if it is offensive any way. 

As you rightly mentioned it is the 'conditioning' of the embodied souls but certainly not without any rationale. The scriptures confirm that the 'present' life is an outcome of 'past' karma (again & again). In fact, it would be so irrational if it were to be anything different otherwise. So anything that obstructs pursuing Bhakti yoga (whether it is at gross physical body level OR subtle mind level), it is because of past 'bad' karma. In general, the more bodily comfort, the more it keeps us away from the lord.

There are very classic cases where many born in very traditional families who are clearly aware of vedic system values, still settling down in western countries with different pursuits since the desires are different in this birth. So culture being conducive is apparently not helping since the desires are different.

Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanam!

Culture goes with the religion or belief, and masses needs to follow it for their gradual spiritual progress.

People wear particular type of cloths according to their beliefs, having different types of tilak on foreheads, following rituals, ceremonies and philosophies according to their acaryas and teachers.   

One who do not desire wasting  the time and effort in a long proces which usually takes many many lives, should abandon all religions and cultures, and fully surrender only to Lord who reside inside the heart. 

I know rites(ritualistic) process is can be considered a Culturaly & time specific realitys & for nominal cultures perhaps they are.
However, Krishna & His Holy-Names are not, -time or tarratory specific. My comparasum is' if one were to turn the earth aground on it's axis at midnight, that part that normally would be sroded in bleakness would suddinly be illuminated* in the same way, th÷) transindental vibrational reactions of the holy sweetness of the name of Hare, Krishna & Rama, have no cultural tarratorel or (time- frame) restrictions are applicable.When chanted property i.e. pronounced Haray KRISHNA & Rama respectively. They -allThings are immediately illuminated (internaly) & instantlaineusly/in moment's, hence without any exceptions all are spiritually enlivened & all Souls are revitalized. So what is the need of this redundant discussion amyway. I.e.this SoundVibration is Universally non-sectarianism, & all ah'spissus, when Ha-ray is chanted /pronounced properly it is Not Limited in anyWay. Om Tat SaT.

May be it is so, because a religion is the organizer of concrete society in connection with its culture, language and History - Geographical  location.  May be our faith is the only ours personal possession, with which we are coming on the Earth and passing away later.

We're learning from Yoga the growth & Spiritually un-unfolding potential of practices that inundate the environment & our being. It is therefore, reasonable to expect that (powerfully conditioning-changes) can be related to specific geographic arieas, but This "Mantra "The MahHah MANTRA" is tranformative
So when & whereever & wherever it is verbulized that place & time becomes Spiritualized. I.e. Not an issue for ISKCON! ?

Hare Krishna, Hare Rama'

Maybe when we are chanting a mantra, we are turning our body temporary in some kind of a temple. So the Geographical position doesn't matter.  

Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagvad Gita some 5100 years ago when none of the Abrahamic religions and other Dharmic religions existed in India. Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagvad Gita for mankind and at that time the entire world was following Vedic religion and Krishna's instructions are above all isms which gives the knowledge of Soul and SuperSoul and how to surrender and establish eternal relationship with SuperSoul and Bhagvan Krishna through practice of Bhaktiyoga. All the present day world religions are part and parcels of Sanatan Dharma and their followers are getting attracted to Sanatan Dharma due to its profound and deep philosophy, spirituality and way of life which opposes animal killing, following vegetarianism and believes in Karma and reincarnation theory that does not exist in Abrahamic religion.

I believe, there are a lot of people who are thankful to the Indian people for preserving that ancient  knowledge. I am one of them.  


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