Women's intelligence

Women's intelligence

There’s a new fashion that is to say that women are less intelligent then man. Here I’d like to show what the scriptures say about it. In a certain way, it is indeed said that most part of women usually have a very soft heart. That might be aproblem because many times they can put their heart and feelings before theirintelligence or sense of discrimination. This is not exactly a lack ofintelligence, but a purity of heart that is dangerous for the person in adegraded world like the one we live in. In this way, pure creatures like womenand brahmanas should always be taken care of, so that they can be protected fromevil persons. There’s no question that the brahminical class is the mostintelligent class of the society (we are not speaking here of people who arebrahmanas because were born in family of brahmanas, but we are talking aboutreal brahmanas, with the brahminical qualifications). Similarly, the fact thatwomen are pure or, many times, innocent, or that they have to be protected, hasabsolutely nothing to do with a lack of intelligence. Sarasvati, the goddess ofintelligence is a woman!
“Agnihthram Tatachar swamy points out a specialVedic term : Purandhi, and explains its significance . According to the VedAs ,women are more intelligent than men (i.e) she is a purandhi. (…) By that term ,Women's superior intelligence is indicated.”*
Being aware of the capacity ofthe girls, the families and teachers used to train them just as they used totrain the boys. That was according to the Atharva Veda, which says that girlsshould be trained as students before entering marriage life. “Girls should trainthemselves to become complete scholars and youthful through Brahmcharya and thenenter married life.” **
The Atharva Veda also says: “Oh woman! You are thekeeper of knowledge of all types of actions (karma).” “Oh woman! You knoweverything. Please provide us strength of prosperity and wealth.” and “Oh woman!Utilize your vedic intellect in all directions of our home!”.
In the sameVeda it is also stated: “Women should take part in the legislative chambers andput their views on forefront.” And from the Rg Veda we have: “O men and women! Ascholarly woman who has practiced or teaches one, two or three Vedas or fourVedas and four upavedas, along with grammar, etymology etc and spreads knowledgeto whole world and removes ignorance of people is source of happiness for entireworld. A woman who studies and teaches all parts of Vedas brings progress to allhuman beings.” So, the idea that women can’t study the Vedas is just a modernnon-sense. Actually, they should not only study it, but also teach it, althoughwe see that in many spiritual societies nowadays women are not allowed to preachor teach.
According to The Rg Veda, women can say: “My destiny is as gloriousas the rising sun. I am the flag of my home and society. I am also their head. Ican give impressive discourses. My sons conquer enemies. My daughter illuminatesthe whole world.”
So, as we see, women from vedic age don’t think ofthemselves as poor non-intelligent creatures. They know their importance notonly for their family but also for their society. They are the had. So, theyhave intelligence and give directions. Their importance is not only to staybehind men obeying their orders. They say they can give impressive discourses.Of course they are not locked at home just cooking and cleaning, otherwise, thatstatement would make no sense. They are free to speak for many people and theyare impressive, so they have knowledge to cause that impression. Their sonsconquer enemies, but their daughter illuminates the whole world. Their daughtersare not burdens that are killed in the womb or who are less important then theirsons. No! They illuminate the whole world!

*SriPedia - http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/cgi-bin/kbase/Vedas/Women’
** Agniveer – Womenin Vedas - http://agniveer.com/vedas/women-in-vedas/



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  • How can women be less intelligent? no way?, it is our mother(who is a woman ofcourse) who care for us and teaches us values of life, without her we stand to loose. women are the basis on which strong family are based upon and in turn strong societies too.

    Anhow if we slightly move away from bodily concept of life, Krishna says intelligence comes from him, so if someone who has to argue who are more intelligent , man or woman, please argue with Krishna, :) and i bet you will losse definately when you argue with krishna.

    lets all man and woman bow down to him whose nature itself is pure intelligence,jai jai shree radhe shyamsundar.

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      Scriptures say that Stri (women), Shudra (one who goes to work & receives a pay check), Dwijabandhu (fallen Brahmin) are considered less intelligent.

      All women are less intelligent.

      Only Shudra and fallen brahmin men are less intelligent.

      Many people who took birth as a woman were fond of women in previous birth and naturally acquired a womans body. Just as one who has a propensity to eat meat may take on a body of a cat, tiger etc.

      Your argument that "Krishna says intelligence comes from him, so if someone who has to argue who are more intelligent , man or woman, please argue with Krishna, :)"

      Krishna says women are less intelligent, along with shudra and fallen brahmin men.

      Lets not argue with Krishna and lose.


      • HK prabhuji, its not my argument that krishna says intelligence comes from him, He himself says in BG that intelligence is one of his energies and krishna has manifested this intellignece energy in different proportions in every individual. Personally i dont care wether women are less intelligent or more, but if shashtra are saying that I will go with shashtras. But remember its not about who has been given more intelligence, man or woman, its about who uses that intelligence in the right way. Gopis were the most intelligent woman in this world ? and they were women :). I would say a women had a better chance to be better krishna conscious devotee than man, even if her intelligence is low.

  • Tulasi continued. "The sastras say that only a degraded man desires a woman. At first a woman is sweet to a man, but later proves fatal. Though her mouth rains honey, her heart is like a jar of poison. She uses sweet words but her heart is sharp like a razor. To achieve her own selfish ends she is submissive to her husband; otherwise, she is unsubmissive. While her face looks cheerful, her heart is dirty. Even the Vedas and the Puranas

    cannot fathom her character. A wise man never trusts a base woman. She has no friend or enemy; for all she wants are new lovers. When a woman sees a well-dressed man, she inwardly desires him, but outwardly she appears chaste and modest. She is naturally passionate, attracts men's minds, and eagerly engages in sex. Though outwardly she hides her lust and appears modest, when she meets her lover in secret, she is ready to swallow him up. When she does not have sex with him, she feels offended, her body burns with anger, and she begins to quarrel. When her passions are fully satisfied, she becomes cheerful; when unsatisfied, morose.

    "A woman likes a good lover more than sweet foods or refreshing drinks; she likes him even more than her own son; he is dearer to her than her life. But if the lover becomes impotent or aged, she regards him as an enemy. Quarrels and anger ensue. Then she devours him as a snake eats a rat. She is rashness personified and a mine of vices. A woman is hypocritical, obstinate and unfaithful. Even Lord Brahma and other gods are deluded by her. She is a hindrance on the path of austerity, an obstacle to liberation, an impediment to developing faith in Lord Hari, a refuge of all delusion and a living chain that binds men to the world. She is like a magician and is as false as dreams. She appears to be very beautiful, but is she is a bucket of stool, urine, gas and blood. When God created her, he arranged that she should become the spirit of delusion to the deluded and poison to those who desire liberation. Thus, on no account should a woman be desired, and by all means she should be avoided."

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      Your words dont sound like a less intelligent person, (unlike mine)

      Among the devotees also, women tend to be less intelligent. This is a fact at least in my world, where Prabhus here tell me they cant join me in Harinam because their (devotee) wives are against them going on Sankirtana. Matajis much prefer them (Prabhus) doing what ever Krishna Conscious activities at home while taking care of the kids etc. One can make an argument that Prabhus are less intelligent than Matajis for listening to Matajis, and choosing a different form of worship for HER sake than Sankirtan, started by Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

      Matajis and Prabhus please forgive me, for I am less intelligent. Not to mention that I am opening my big mouth and removing all doubt.




    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Dandavat pranam..How true!!  


    • This amazing epilogue was from tulsi devi herself....
      • Ooohhh, Yuga, if you believe all that, you've slipped again, in my estimation.


        You can call me unfaithful to the scriptures.  I'll just reply that I don't believe any scripture should be taken literally on every occasion, MOST ESPECIALLY when it concerns human rights.


        Now everyone will tell me what a horrible Vaisnava I am!  :/


        Hare Krishna!

        • sorry kara middleton....i am presently reading tulsi devis story....i am offering some of it because it was composed by tulsi when she met her future husband.....but i did think she did quite a fine job!!!!!!However amongst freinds ,such teasing is sweet!
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