Women's intelligence

Women's intelligence

There’s a new fashion that is to say that women are less intelligent then man. Here I’d like to show what the scriptures say about it. In a certain way, it is indeed said that most part of women usually have a very soft heart. That might be aproblem because many times they can put their heart and feelings before theirintelligence or sense of discrimination. This is not exactly a lack ofintelligence, but a purity of heart that is dangerous for the person in adegraded world like the one we live in. In this way, pure creatures like womenand brahmanas should always be taken care of, so that they can be protected fromevil persons. There’s no question that the brahminical class is the mostintelligent class of the society (we are not speaking here of people who arebrahmanas because were born in family of brahmanas, but we are talking aboutreal brahmanas, with the brahminical qualifications). Similarly, the fact thatwomen are pure or, many times, innocent, or that they have to be protected, hasabsolutely nothing to do with a lack of intelligence. Sarasvati, the goddess ofintelligence is a woman!
“Agnihthram Tatachar swamy points out a specialVedic term : Purandhi, and explains its significance . According to the VedAs ,women are more intelligent than men (i.e) she is a purandhi. (…) By that term ,Women's superior intelligence is indicated.”*
Being aware of the capacity ofthe girls, the families and teachers used to train them just as they used totrain the boys. That was according to the Atharva Veda, which says that girlsshould be trained as students before entering marriage life. “Girls should trainthemselves to become complete scholars and youthful through Brahmcharya and thenenter married life.” **
The Atharva Veda also says: “Oh woman! You are thekeeper of knowledge of all types of actions (karma).” “Oh woman! You knoweverything. Please provide us strength of prosperity and wealth.” and “Oh woman!Utilize your vedic intellect in all directions of our home!”.
In the sameVeda it is also stated: “Women should take part in the legislative chambers andput their views on forefront.” And from the Rg Veda we have: “O men and women! Ascholarly woman who has practiced or teaches one, two or three Vedas or fourVedas and four upavedas, along with grammar, etymology etc and spreads knowledgeto whole world and removes ignorance of people is source of happiness for entireworld. A woman who studies and teaches all parts of Vedas brings progress to allhuman beings.” So, the idea that women can’t study the Vedas is just a modernnon-sense. Actually, they should not only study it, but also teach it, althoughwe see that in many spiritual societies nowadays women are not allowed to preachor teach.
According to The Rg Veda, women can say: “My destiny is as gloriousas the rising sun. I am the flag of my home and society. I am also their head. Ican give impressive discourses. My sons conquer enemies. My daughter illuminatesthe whole world.”
So, as we see, women from vedic age don’t think ofthemselves as poor non-intelligent creatures. They know their importance notonly for their family but also for their society. They are the had. So, theyhave intelligence and give directions. Their importance is not only to staybehind men obeying their orders. They say they can give impressive discourses.Of course they are not locked at home just cooking and cleaning, otherwise, thatstatement would make no sense. They are free to speak for many people and theyare impressive, so they have knowledge to cause that impression. Their sonsconquer enemies, but their daughter illuminates the whole world. Their daughtersare not burdens that are killed in the womb or who are less important then theirsons. No! They illuminate the whole world!

*SriPedia - http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/cgi-bin/kbase/Vedas/Women’
** Agniveer – Womenin Vedas - http://agniveer.com/vedas/women-in-vedas/



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      • yes many householders face a daunting financial predicament daily,myself i chose not to accept a mortgage.I chose to preach and provide facility for temples,which personally was a huge sacrifice in one sense because paying rent does demand a similiar contribution and commitment,yet you have little financial sercurity once you leave the assocition of devotees.However i came from an iskcon society ,which was more ingenius and liberal for creative laxsmi creation.We had the mood that krishna will provide according to our needs,of course my needs seemed to have grown  with the influence of a teenage family and several female devotees in my grihasta ashram.Keeping control and developing a strong sense of family life....based on  simple living is essential,a huge benefit was not sending the kids to school with the non-devotees.In my case ''home schooling'' created vaisnavas and vaisnavis in my own family!I would suggest any new couples learn to create wealth outside the normal scenarios ...because taxes now are simply rediculous!Everyone is faced by being cheated ,and quickly having to learn how to minimise its impact or simply cheating better more expertly ourselves when the situation demands...!

  • Volunteer

    Results of not following such rules are very clear in America. The government supports millions of children born out of wedlock. Children dont take care of their parents (Indians still do) and are assigned to an institution. When I ask my friends why they do that, they say that, that's what they want. They dont want to interfere with our lives.

    Women here dont realize they are treated as prostitutes. If a man pays for dinner, and other expenses to woo them  and they sleep, is that not prostitution? They are bartering instead of taking money. Yet most women will not sell their body. They are clearly less intelligent not to see this.

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Dandavat Pranam Prabhuji,  Everybody who is involved in devotional service are intelligent.  Only intelligent people know that devotional service to Krishna is the only path to perfection.


    • Yes, i Agree, Thank you!!! I think this whole "who is more and less intelligent" argument is nonsense, actually.
  • Very good point!  Agreed.
  • hare krishna

    thnx a lot mata g to give reference from the vedas and holy scriptures to explain the importance of woman

    hari bol

  • Volunteer

    A lot of sadakas/innitiates sugar coat this issue. Most women would like to hear the sugar coated answer.This happens because of our bodily consciousness, thinking that we are the body also called bodily consciousness.

    If you want to get the correct answerlisten directly from Srila Prabhupada. " As It Is"

    At any given age, woman brain is inferior to man's.

    However, In Kali Yuga a man's brain is inferior to most woman's in Dwapara. For example Bhagavadgita was written for Sthri, Sudra and Dwijabandu. Prabhupada said, "Even though it was written for less intelligent, Women in those days, could understand the whole Bhagavad gita in about half hour. " Now show me a man who can understand the whole Bhagavadgita in 30minutes.

    Scientific reason Prabhupada gave why a woman is inferior to man is the size of the brain. Man's brain is larger than woman's.

    Largest brain ever found in woman is 32oz, where as man's brain is about 48 oz.

    Chanakya Pandit, one of the greatest brains to walk the earth, says in Chanakya Neeti says not to trust a woman or a politician.

    Prabhupada quoted Chanakya when someone asked about Indira Gandhi if she was qualified to be the ruler of India.

    Comparing a man to the consort of the Lord is not the correct way to judge a woman's intelligence of this day.

    One of the most given excuse why other devotees dont want to join me in Sankirtana, is that their less intelligent devotee wife wont let them, she wants her husband to serve her instead.

    Woman's mind is chanchal and not dhira. changing and not steady.

    Some times I wonder if one can ever follow Krishna Consciousness if fickle minded woman is the leader of the family or head that dictates what the decisive more intelligent man should do.

    Take a look at society where women are made to put on pants and get to work in the name of equality, United States where over 100,000 varna shanka or out of wedlock children are born to be taken care of by the government.

    Many hundreds of thousands of children slaughtered in the womb.

    Women if allowed to do anything they want, surely will lead to ruin of the society.

    Dear Gopi Janavallaba DD, please forgive me but you are trying to say that women are more intelligent.

    Is it possible because you think "you are the body"? a female body?

    You are merely imprisoned in a female body.



    • "

      Studies have tended to indicate small to moderate correlations (averaging around 0.3 to 0.4) between brain volume and IQ. The most consistent associations are observed within the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes, the hippocampus, and the cerebellum, but only account for a relatively small amount of variance in IQ, which itself only shows a partial relationship to the general concept of intelligence and real-world performance.[17][18] In addition, brain volumes do not correlate strongly with other and more specific cognitive measures.[10] In men, IQ correlates more with gray matter volume in the frontal lobe and parietal lobe, whereas in women it correlates with gray matter volume in the frontal lobe and Broca's area, which is involved in language."


    • Please give me CURRENT, reliable, scientific 21st century evidence that a woman's brain generally weighs 32 oz.  Thank you.
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