Hare Krishna dear devotees . All glories to Srila Prabhupada ji.One of my friend asked me , Will doing the  japa of om namo bhagwate vasudevaya have the same effect as Hare Krishna Mahamantra. As in that also another name of Lord Krishna is present? Please help me in clearing my confusion.

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  • hare  meas radhe, actually we do not have eligibility to address radha rani as radhe, our acharya prabhupada ji  told us as Hare krishna , here both are present, but in om nmoh.. only krishna present, radharani is missing.

  • Thank you all dear devotees for taking out time and enlightening me with this information.

    Your Servant

  • Thanks  Mahapurusha das prabhuji for your reply.Prabhuji,Rite now by Lord Krishna's grace  I am doing 16 rounds daily.My profile is quite old I hav not updated, may be you seen there.Please pray for me so tht I progress fast in achieving offenseless stage.


    Your Servant,


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    my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

    yes Siddhartha Prabhu, You are correct!

    we are so fallen and too much diseased because of that only Mantras can not help us much but we need Maha Mantra which can cure even the most abominable diseases.

    Hare Krishna Maha Mantra contains all other Mantras, because of that it is very powerful Mantra.

    And You are also correct about "AUM". or "Klim"

    Only pure brahmanas can pronounce such like syllables correctly but in this age it says that most people are shudras or even not that.

    Your servant,

  • vasudeva devotee can reach up to vaikuntha (aishwarya loka ) krishna devotee will reach goloka

    vasudeva devotee means awe and reverance , krishna devotee means love***************.

    i hope now u can continue thinking what we can do in goloka :-)))))))))))))))

    it is difficult to chant krishnas name only by mercy one gets chance even laxmis r ready to be swipper in goloka :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) what a name naa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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