Why we suffer due to bad karma of others?

Hare Krsna,

According to Srimad Bhagwad Gita, our desires are said to be the cause of our suffering.

But many times it is seen that innocents suffer due to papa karmas of others.

In this world, we often see many incidences like: a person gets injured due to drunken or careless driving of others. Goons & corrupt politicians make honest people suffer.

Rape & acid victims get scarred & suffer for their whole lives, due to lust of others.

Why this all happens in this world created & maintained by Lord Krsna ?

Why Krsna doesn't protect innocents when being tortured by bad people ?

Why Krsna doesn't protect a girl from rape, who could be just a child, 10 years or smaller ?

Kindly explain.

Yours sincerely,


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  • Hare Krsna.

    Thanks all for clarifying.

    My final Doubt:

    As per the discussion, it looks clear that though some good people seem to be suffering due to sins of bad people, in their present lives, but reason for their suffering is their own sins of their past lives. So the suffering people, though seem good presently, were bad during their earlier lives.

    Then my question is; what should be my stance if, I ever come across someone suffering due to other miscreants; e.g. somebody being attacked, or having met accident, or some girl being raped, or forced into prostitution. Should I leave him/her to suffer because he/she "WAS" a bad person, thinking him/her to be deserving the torture? Or, should I try to help him/her & resist his/her torturers who "ARE" bad persons?



    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Human life form is Karma yoni, it means we do new karmas too,

      we do not just live the life full of reactions of past karmas, we also do new karma.

      so if any person trying to rape or rob or abuse any other person, that does not mean its previous life karma's fruits, it could be new karma done by this abuser.

      so your job is to try to prevent in whatever way u could possibly try. u could call police or help or u could fight on ur own.

      also u asked if current innocent girl who gets abused, she cannot be bad person in previous life, so why she gets abused now....as i said it could be new karma on part of abuser , but it could also be past karma's fruits of innocent girl which she committed many many births back when she was evil...

      example given in shastra is of Dhritarashtra

      50 births back he broken 100 eggs of a bird while hunting and then he had to get that reaction and he had to see 100 sons die.

      but why it took 50 births to get that reaction, reason was he had to perform pious activities and accumulate pious fruits to get 100 sons and he took 49 births for that, and then that fruits of that past karma which was waiting ,he had to bear it.

      so if any innocent girl is being abused, it could be new karma on part of abuser or it could be some old past karma [like dhritarashtra's] .

      we are not judge , we can only understand this much from shastra, but as a human being u should perform duty which is to try to prevent if u see a abuser.

      Karma does perfect job and Krishna and His energies do perfect job too.

      we should do our duty.

      do not get confused and do not run away thinking oh this is past karma of innocent girl, let her suffer...NO...

      do your duty

      Hare Krsna,Hari bol

      your servant

  • Hare Krsna
    The nature of this world is like that that there will always be three fold miseries.
    Out of which the second kind of misery are those caused by other living entities. This is called adhibhautika klesa.
  • The uncontrolled mind makes one to have material desires, therefore such mind is the cause of all suffering.

  • Hare Krsna,

    Thanks for the replies.

    However, I do not agree fully with the explanation: one who is being tortured by others only because he/she too tortured others in the same way, in his/her previous life.

    One who did wrongs with others in previous life was definitely an evil person, & as per Srimad Bgagwad Gita, such an evil person must take birth through more evil wombs or among more evil people. So, his/her present character must also show traces of his/ her previous impious life. In other words, one who was bad earlier must be seemingly bad in his/her present life too. If this were the case, we may say, he/she deserved the tortures.

    But what we see today is not like this.

    In 99.99% cases rape & acid victims are innocents; or at least, fairly good ones who did no serious wrongs to others in their present life.

    If they are good then they are more likely to have been good in their previous lives too.

    Then why should they suffer; that too because of bad karmas of others?



    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


      I agree with you - One who did wrongs with others in previous life was definitely an evil person, - so it is not necessary that the soul will get even human body in the next birth. This karmic reaction is not between life 1 and life 2. Meaning, the reaction need not happen in the very next birth. That soul will suffer due to his reactions in different yonis, and when he comes to human being, then he will suffer at the hands of whom he violated in some earlier birth. By this time, the earlier evil soul has become somewhat better, only to suffer at the hands of one he violated earlier.

      Pls remember such evil souls will not commit only one sin in one lifetime. It will be a series of sins, eating non veg, shouting/ picking up fights/ cheating/ ..... the works. It could be anything. So the reactions will also come one after the other.

      To give an example, once Dhritarashtra lost his 100 sons, he asked why he has to suffer so much. It was told that 100 lifetimes before, he committed a crime which reaction is coming now (have forgotten the exact crime). Then he asked, why wait 100 lifetimes to suffer like this. THe answer was - he was accumulating pious karma to beget 100 sons in this lifetime. 

      In a nutshell, karma kanda is complicated and only Yamaraja and his assistants know which karma is giving which reaction. What we need to understand is - we suffer only our doing, never anybody else's doing, so stop blaming others for our suffering. THe only way to get out of this cycle of birth and death and endless suffering is - to take up devotion.


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

      • Hare Krsna,

        Thanks for the explanation. Most part of my query seems clarified.

        However I have two more points:

        1) The present sufferer, say A, was previously bad & tortured B in his/her earlier life. But now A is good, but B became similarly bad & tortures A. But in this way there seems no ending, but they would keep on changing each others' positions through many births & deaths.

        2) It is very very painful to see small children being raped & tortured. Somewhere, long back, I read that one's karmas up to 8 years of age are not counted. If this is true, why children suffer?



        • E-Counselor

          Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


          Answers are:

          1) Yes, thats why it is said that karma keeps on going, it never ends and we never get out of this cycle of birth and death. 

          2) I dont know about this. Maybe upto 8 years of age, reactions of past life karma are more prominent. 

          Net net, everyone has to go through the reaction of each and every karma that one does. There is no escape. One may escape the law of the land, one cannot escape the laws of nature.


          Your servant,

          Radha Rasamayi DD

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The examples given by you, of drunken driving, or accidents, or rape - it may appear that the victim is innocent and the entire fault is of the perpetrator. That is - if you see this life in isolation. The first thing B Gita teaches us is - we are not the body, we are soul. The body perishes with time, but soul is eternal. What is death to us is simply changing of body of the soul, the way we change clothes, that way the soul changes bodies. What body the soul will get in the next birth is dependent on the activities or karma of this birth. The same way, what circumstances one faces in this birth is a factor of the soul's activities in a previous birth.

    Otherwise, how is it that the drunk driver found only that person on the road to hit and run, that rapist found only that child to commit his crime and so on. 

    So, if we see both sides of the coin, we will be in perspective and not get bewildered by such acts. One can escape from the laws of the land, but there is no way to get away from the laws of nature. What we sow, so shall we reap, that is the law.

    I hope I have answered your questions. Pls revert if you have any further doubts or comments.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna,

    It is said that we suffer the Karmas of past birth. I heard by a sage that those in male bodies were females in earlier birth and vice versa. May be those who suffer tortures and crimes like rape, murder and throwing acids did the same to someone else and escaped. Thats why they are here in the next birth to suffer and add to their experience and learn from life. Our Karmas bind a next birth on us and by whatever we are doing, we will take birth according to that. Unless we get ourselves free from this cycle, and attain the adobe of Lord, this will keep on happening.

    Krishna does not interfere in the way Maya and Nature works but it all works at his instruction. It all happens meticulously as it is destined to be as per our Karmas and destiny. Krishna only helps you if the purpose of your service to Lord is reaching his adobe by overcoming illusory Maya. He then makes your spiritual journey easier by giving you all material gains you always wanted so you no longer desire them and be focused towards Him. The purpose of life is to get oneself free from this endless and painful cycle of births and deaths.

    Hope it helps.

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