why we should not use Tulsi as medicine?

Tulsi Devi is our mother. A mother takes care of her children any how. if we use Tulsi leaves as medicine then what is the problem. why we should not use tulsi leaves and seeds as medicine. i think Tulsi Maa has no any problem if we use leaves and seeds. request to devotees please comment.

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  • Rasika Govinda Prabhu`s answer is correct , and wonderful !
    If that is not enough , then I can tell you that S`rila Prabhupada personally told us , in Vrindavan , in 1973 ,
    that , " If you think like a materialist ,...that S`rimate Tulasi Devi is some ordinary medicine , and If you use her like that , then you will go to Hell !"-S.P.
    Your servant ,
    Sevananda das
    • Thanks a lot Prabhu ji Hare Krishna!
  • Hare krishna !!!

    Jai Gurudev !!! Jai Prabhupada !!!

    Tulasi Maharani is can be used for medicine to cure the dieases of cycle of birth and death by worshiping and offering at the lotus feet of sri krishna that is the ultimate curing medicine why cont we use it us permanent medicine to cure Janma, Mirthu, Jara & Vyadi lieu of temporary use... basically us a devotee should understand tualsi maharani is not a plant basically she is expansion of Srimathi Radharani it can used only the purpose of devotional service to sri krishna... basically krishna arranged her to take a birth as a plant form to give krishna bhakti to all the people .. people will be librated one who just see her or touch her or watering or eating tulasi leafs offerd to krishna or small after offering to sri krishna or circumbulating or lighting lamp to her or making tualsi garlands to sri krishna etc... as a intelligent man will use tualsi leaves as a medicine to cure the dieases of birth and death that is the ultimate benifit....Hare Krishna

    Your Servant
    Rasika Govinda Das
    • Thanks a lot Prabhu ji. Hare Krishna!
    • Jai Shri Krishna..

      The best answer I ever came across..

      Hare Krishna
  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    Maa Tulsi should be handled with respect.. When using as medicine then also same respect should be given. The medicine should not be sold to profit but only to cover costs.

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