why we should not take non-veg?

many parts of world. there is only non veg available. cant they get mercy of lord Krishna? they also do spritual things to please lord. i think eating non veg should not effect pray. i am a learner. all senior devotees are requested please reply and give me guide lines. i want to be a good devotee of lord Krishna. please help me.

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  • Hare krishna sandeep prabhu,
    as i understand vedic knowledge is like all mobile applications and we are mainly cocern with most important service that is communication means Krishna consciousness now it is up on user how he spends time with mobile he may play games on it or hear FM songs and waste time in it and someone may use it for main purpose i.e. communication.
    we should understand level of K.C. is different from individual to individual all vedas are provided by krishna so that soul will progress gradually.what to say of manu smriti other religions like muslim and christians are freely allow meat eating.if some one eats meat and try* to be greatful to god it is also part of progress slowly when he will develope love for god he will give up meat eating.in my personal opinion meat eaters those are greatful to GOD are better than vegeterian person who denies GOD's existence.BUT when someone comes in contact with devotee of lord vishnu then person should try to give up such bad habits as they are showing & taking him higest destination.
    suggestions are welcome what i mention is my own purport may differ fron absolute truth.
    as we start loving krishna then he provides us mind , intellegence and other things so that we can progress faster.one only need to desire (desire need to cultivate by association) to serve god then he can give up meat eating easily.

    • thank you. Nilesh Prabhu for sharing your points. Hare Krishna!
  • Hare Krishna Yogesh Prabhu,
    You have asked same question in one of my discussions also. Here is what little I know about this topic (references specially from Bhagwat Geeta) -:

    Actually, whenever we eat veg. food or even breath, we eat some species which cann’t be seen by naked eyes like some bacteria etc. So in any case, whether we eat veg or non-veg, we commit sin.

    Now to avoid this sinful activity, Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita (3.13) that if whatever we eat is first offered to Lord Krishna and then eaten, that makes us free from sin.

    But that does not mean that we can eat meat also after offering to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna further explains in chapter 9 (Verse 26, 27) that “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.” Which very well explains the kind of taste Lord Krishna have

    Lord Further says in chapter 17 (Verses – 8, 9, 10) that People who are firmly situated in God Consciousness (Mode of Goodness) eat sweet, juicy, fattening and palatable stuff.
    Foods that are too bitter, too sour, salty, pungent, dry and hot, are liked by people in the modes of passion.

    Hare Krishna....
    • Hare Krishna! thank you Sandeep Prabhu for responding.
      but in these verse lord Krishna has not described non-veg should not be eaten. Lord is telling he can please even with a leaf.
      please provide more details.
      thank you.
  • to which they Lord they do spritual if it is demigod they can please with bali also but in kc it is pure sewa hence non veg is not acceptable
  • thank you Siddharth prabhu. i went through 5th canto final chapters of Srimad Bhagavatam, its realy full of knowledge. you are requested please provide more references.
    thank you. Hare Krishna!
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