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    Hare Krishna!

    here are really nice answers! one more thing i heard is that index finger is connected to the mouth - stomach - ....

    in this way yogis when they want to control their tongue they keep with big finger this index finger. at the time of gaining knowledge they keep their middle finger. middle finger is connected with heart and mind. because mind is in heart.

     if one wants to curse someone chants with index finger - but real Vaishnavas do not want to hurt anyone right?

    if one wants to attain love for God one chants in middle finger.

  • Hare Krishna Hari babu Prabhu

    Further to my earlier reply please read as follows.

    The fingers of the hand are probes of various Gunas and properties.

    The thumb is Satva Guna, the pointing finger Rajasic Guna and the middle finger is the Tamasic Guna.

    The Tulasi Mala moving on your Tamasic probe erases and wipes out all tamasic qualities and the sinful reactions accumulated over billions of births. And each time we reverse the mala after completion of a round ensures that the wiping out action micromanaged by Bhagavan Sri Krishna Priya Tulasi Maha Rani is done to a completely fool proof effect. Just as a person shaving his skin reverses the direction of the blade each time after moving it in one way.

    It is a matter of great shame that we are so willingly passing our sinful reactions to Bhagavan Sri Krishna Priya Tulasi Maha Rani while we should be ensuring that Divine mata Jis such as Her, Bhu Mate, Gange mate, Maha lakshmi mate and Bhagavan Sankarshana Himself (as Paramatma) should not be remotely even thinking about the existence of Sin etc. during their relentless service to Bhagavan Ji rather than directly or indirectly coming in contact with mammoth amounts of sinful reactions (Garbage) and micromanaging the owners of them towards perfection.

    This situation of devoiding Mata Jis such as Her, Bhu Mate, Gange mate, Maha lakshmi mate and mainly Bhagavan Sankarshana Himself (as Paramatma) from any sort of contact from sin/sinful reaction is currently in the administrative process of being achieved.

    It is high time that Bhagavan Ji Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra is permanently relieved from the fact that close to 25% of the emanated souls become forgetful of Him upon emanation and even revolt though indolent there by become diseased (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.7.5).

    The situation of Bhagavan Ji having to accept some servants as recycled jivas is being put to an end by Bhagavan Sankarshana.

    Om Sri Sri Bhagavan Sankarshanaya Namaha

  • Hare Krishna

    Tulasi maharani gas out of causeless mercy accepted to purify all contaminated jivas of their accumulated sinful reactions of billions of births which are done through the probe of the middle finger that is tamas. The index finger is the probe of Rajasic properties of that specific chanter.

    While one should be regretting the fact that he/she is passing on sins to Sri Krishna Priya Tulasi maharani, it is but fair that you don’t give her value added exposure of your rajasic propensities as well.

    Wish you all the success

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    index finger it the pointing, faultfinding finger and therefore in auspicious.

    you can imagine why finding fault in others is not cool in Krishna Consciousness

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