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now in Telugu peoples argueing ( Christensen and Hindus )scolding each other about sastras.

vyasa know who is bhagavan  then why he make confusion .what sastras says about it.

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  • Hare Krsna!

    Please visit my article for detailed answer:

    According to Vishnu Puran, Vishnu is supreme, according to Shiva Purana, Shiva is Supreme. In Devi…
    To understand the reality we first need to know the nature as well as importance of Puranas and most importantly the form of God. PART 1: Nature and…
  • Srila Prabhupada has said that Lords Bramha Vishnu Mahesh are guna avtaras of Krishna in their respective modes of Passion goodness and ignorance. hence they become supreme lords in representative sense. hence its written that way in various puranas. However i am still unable to understand what this means?!?

  • During the long period of Kali Yuga, almost all scriptures were deviated, changed and replaced, those who truly have seen the Truth can see that very clearly, but less intelligent masses can not . 

    • I m very satisfied with yours  explanation....simply i have some doubt...why there is so many Puranas...that expressed..One of Demigods..& their Mahima..sometimes we have puzzled..who is supreme authority of godhead....but your description is so clear.....

      Hari Bol 


  • Hare Krishna,


    You know there are different types of people having different tastes. So Veda Vyasa wrote different varieties of Puranas keeping their tastes in mind. For example, there is a hard core meat eater. If you directly preach them about Vaishnavism asking to quit meat eating he won't be able to do so. So for such people Veda Vyasa wrote Puranas which would aid them to advance in their way. Puranas for such people give the recommendation to eat meat by sacrificing a goats to Goddess Kali. In that way they won't commit a grave sin of killing animal (though animal sacrifice not the highest form of sacrifice) like the butchers do.

    There have been several materialist people who want to rule the world. For certain types of Puranras as there which advocate to worship devtas and attain the respect boons even though those boons are temporary.

    So keeping the above things in mind, we can give the following analogies:

    1. Veda Vyasa is like a gardener, he will give you fruits of different tastes like sweet, sour etc based on your choice. If someone wants to attain God, then puranas like Bhavatam is endorsed, if someone wants something material, then lower level puranas are endorsed.

    2. Srimad Bhagavatam gives the comparison of Srimad Bhagavatam and other puranas. In SB 12.13.16, it says just like Ganga is the greatest of all the rivers, Lord Achyuata is the greatest of all Gods and Lord Siva is the greatest of all the Vaishnavas, similarly Srimad Bhagavatam is the greatest of all the puranas. So Bhagavatam is to other puranas is like Ganga is to other water bodies. Though all rivers have waters but Ganga's water is the greatest. Similarly Bhagavatam is the greatest of all the Puranas. In SB 12.13.14, it says other Puranas shine only till Bhagavatam is not heard of.

    So from the above we can conclude Srimad Bhagavatam is the greatest of all the Puranas. In case there is any confusion, contradictions among all the Puranas, then we should go with what Bhagavatam says. Just like there are so many (levels of) courts in India but the Supreme Court is the top most. If there is any conflict with SC and other courts, then we should go with SC's verdict, similarly if there is any conflict b/w Bhagavatam and other puranas, then we should go wtih Bhagavatam.

    Does this answer your question?

    YS Ratnadeep.

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