Hare Krishna ,AGTSP,This is very important question ,Why Vaishnav Acharyas Do Not Give Examples From Purans Dedicated To Shiva ..Except Skand Puran ..Every Shivaities Ask Me This Question ,When I Explain About Shiva & Krishna ,They Say Shiva I Never Born ,But i am taught ,that he comes from ' Bhrakuti ' Of Bhrama ..I aslo know Bhrama Samhita ,But Shivaities Are Against Us,Because We Discuss Only Those Things That Are In Favour To Promote Krishna ..Then They Also Ask Onething , Why didSrila Prabhupad Says ' Shiva Is A Demigod , Vishnu Is God ' ..I Need This Answer , Shivaities Always Argue With On This Strategy ..They Says You Just Want To Remove Shiva From Supremeness,When I Tell Them About What Did Mahadev Tell In Padam Puran ,They Say It Is Dedicated To Vishnu Not Shiva ..I Am Confused " Ekal Ishwara Krishna , Anya Sab Bhrattiya "Why Not Every Thing Straight Forward ,Answer Me Something From Purans & Upnishad Dedicated To Lord Shiva ..

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  • Dear Prabhu,
    Hare Krishna.

    I would like to humbly request you that you read Srimad Bhagvatam yourself, rather than any one's help. Of course Guru is greater than Govind, but the Soul within you is part of Govind himself. Please forgive me if I'm wrong, but these philosophers actually take away bhakti and rather place Arguments. It's known to all that the scripture is submitted to Supreme Personality of Godhead. If it is Ganesh Purana it is Om Namo Ganeshaya Namah. This argument that OM NAMO BHAGVATE NAHAH is simply Mudhata, foolishness.
    Now, she said that Krishna name is most auspicious (Confirmed in Bhagvatam). So I agree with it.
    See here Prabhu, If you yourself read Srimad Bhagvatam you'll understand the real meaning of it. Sometimes philosophers and thinkers give their own way thinking others are unaware. Hope you consider my word.

    Hare Krsna! 

  • Volunteer
    Vaishnavas from Rudra (Shiva) sampradaya do refer to scriptures of Siva.

    We worship Sada Shiva, as Advaitacharya, close associate of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Shivites may not be vaishnavas, some of them may be mayavadis who think maya is stronger than God. So they propose that we are all God, but covered by maya. So we forgot that we are God.

    Lord Shiva is one of the greatest vaishnava and talking Him down is a vashnava aparada, saadu ninda and namaparada.
  • Hare rama Prabhu.

    The main Problem of our country is Prabhu, we always want to worship the superior. If we have our best friend who is not a school topper, neither is good in sports, etc. ...Can we change our best friend for the sake of a topper. I think no. One must have full faith in Him. Similarly, it is not important whom you worship, rather its your devotion which matthers.
    Now, how cant we worship Lord Shiva? This is serious Problem. Sankaracarya was a great Shaiva yet he said established two dhams of Lord Vishnu. All great Rsis have also worshipped Shiva. In recent times, Srila Sanatana Goswami always after worshipping Krishna worshipped Gopiswara Mahadeva. But all these great people got Vrindavan, Goloka. I really cant understand this problem My dear Ashwani Prabhu, plz explain in your reply. And yes, there's no harm if you worship Shiva as Shaivites. As I told you before, Lord Vishnu likes his Bhaktas, but he likes his 'Bhaktasya Bhakta' More than Bhaktas. So if we worship Shiva, we are indirectly pleasing our Jagannath Swami.

    Hare Krsna! :) 

  • Hare Krishna Hara Sambhu!
    Dear Prabhu!

    I am glad you have asked all such questions. By the Grace of Madhava, may I answer your questions appropriately.
    1) Whatever Lord Sankara says is not False. Every statement from Padma Purana is absolutely True. We have to read all scriptures, regardless of their nature, to attain ultimate knowledge. Actually, The Vaishnavas Promote Sattvic Puranas and Shaivas provide Tamasic Puranas. But that should not be our Problem. For We like People, who are ignorant, all Puranas are equal. Lord Sankara is Ashutosh, Remember my dear Prabhu, He brings his REAL devotee to Spiritual Nature faster than Lord Hari. And when He comes to spiritual nature He worships Krishna. A person comes from Tamsic nature to Sattvic gradually, not immediately. One should never ignore any Purana. As Sattvic Puranas are totally Spiritual, they speak Spiritual, and Lord Krishna as Supreme.
    2) Sorry to hear. That's not Praphupada ji. This foul system of Establishing Shiva as Demigod is in Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya from some 400 years. Lord Caitanya once in Ecstasy claimed he is Sambhu "Mahadeva".  Actually what the Acaryas taught the Acarya of ISKCON, he is simply following it. Nothing more than that. Even being a Vaishnava, I never say Shiva as DEMI_GOD. He is Brahma Feature of Krishna; Non different from Him. Only his personal Rupa is sometimes shown.
    3) Of Course, ISKCON is following Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. But All vaishnava Sampradaya teach that Vishnu is Supreme. Only it's just change of Disciplinic Succession, not anything else. This is totally bad to say ISKCON is a section. Please let them understand that.
    4) For this Point, you have to give me some instance. It's a long time since I read Shiva Purana. Although, I disagree.
    5) Masculine and Feminine Powers are non different from each other, Prabhu. When One worships Bhavani, one also impresses Bhava. Similarly " Radhe Radhe Japo Cale Aayenge Bihari". So the statement you said form Bhagvatam sometimes is unfruitful becoz people go by this theory and hoping to get wealth. At that time, they suffer Materialism. Ardhangeswar Mahadeva is very common. It symbolises equality.
     Now, Laxmis are never in Lakhs. Actually Laxmi is Wealth Personified. There are laxmi as Anna, Dhana, etc. So all the Laxmis prevade in Maha laxmi who is the consort Of Maha Vishnu. They are parcels of Laxmi..Expansions. Don't be confused, prabhu!
    6) No. There is one Shiva, but there are many Brahmas. Brahma is Administrator of a particular place, Personified Energy of Lord. So there are many Brahmas. But Lord Shiva is ONE AND ONLY. That's why in last discussion I told you that sometimes acaryas spread something incorrect as there are many Shivas. Shiva is SADASHIVA, the Brahma feature of Lord. When They were expanded they took the Forms of 12 Rudras ( Confirmed in Bhag. And SP) and Sankar was the formost.He was Identical to Shiva. So there is One Shiva. Shiva has Crossed Maya Saga and reached the Kailash or Shiva Loka, the Illuminating Light or Brahmajyoti Personified. SHIVA IS ONE ONLY just As KRISHNA. HE IS NON DIFFERENT.

    Now As I've answered your doubts, Let me give you a suggestion. SHIVA AND KRISHNA ARE ONE. KRISHNA IS BHAGVAN AND SHIVA IS PARAMBRAHMA. the Only difference is their Features. Lord Shankar takes the Mayavadi feature and Krishna takes Vaishnava feature. in fact, the supreme Lord wants that whether this or that way, may everyone reach the Brahmajyoti or Goloka Vrindavan. Brahmajyoti is different from Vrindavan; So is Shiva from Krishna. It is useless to make one supreme from Another.

    Please Prabhu. Stop these arguments with Shaivas. I dont knoe why Vaishnavas want to make Shaivas as themselves, and why are Shaivas want the same way. They both are one; Only one who has complete Knowledge can say this. It is also confirmed from an incident of Swami Vivekananda.
    Moreover Rahim says
    " Rahiman baat Agamya ki, Kahan Sunan ki nahi.
    Je Dekhat te kahat nahi, de kahat te dekhat nahi"
    Rahim, One should never argue who is Lord, rather one must feel and see him. Those who have seen have dont argue and those who argue have not seen
    This clarifies my request to you!

    Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu, Hara Sambhu! :) 

  • Volunteer
    Hare Krsna Prabhu.
    The name Shiva means 'all-auspicious', and wherever there is the mercy of Lord Shiva, auspiciousness and religiousness prevails. Even though Lord Shiva appears to be in the association of ghosts and demons, his actual transcendental position is that he is very kind to individuals who are in the darkness of the mode of ignorance. He is so compassionate on the lowest of the low, that he gives such individuals shelter and gradually elevates them to spiritual understanding. This is the explanation of Lord Shiva's transcendental position according to authoritative Vedic literature.

    In the creation of the Supreme Lord there are different kinds of living beings, who exercise their minute amount of free will in different modes. Lord Vishnu takes charge of the persons in the mode of goodness, who are advanced Vaishanavas or Krishna conscious. Lord Brahma takes charge of those who are very much attached to material activities and are in the mode of passion. Lord Shiva is so kind that he takes charge of persons who are in the lower modes.

    Lord Shiva as a truly self realized soul, is the epitome of compassion towards other living entities. An example of this can be seen in his agreeing to consume the lethal poison 'halahal' that surfaced during the great churning of the causal ocean by the demons and the demigods. Out of concern for the plight of the demons and the demigods, he scooped the entire poison in his hand, drank it and by his great mystic powers held it in his throat. So powerful was the poison, that it turned his throat blue, giving him the name 'Neelakantha' (blue-throated).

    Lord Shiva is so magnanimous that he grants his followers what ever they desire. One of his names is 'Ashutosh' or one who is easily pleased. Once a devotee of Lord Shiva, Vrikrasura requested for an unusual benediction from Lord Shiva, that whomever he would touch, that person's head would fall off. Even though Lord Shiva knew that such a benediction was not good, he considered the devotee's good quality and that he had worshipped him, and granted him the benediction. Later Vrikrasura tried to touch Lord Shiva's head and was tricked by Lord Vishnu into touching his own head. But this reflects the attitude of Lord Shiva. If a devotee has a good quality, he magnifies it and ignores the bad qualities. He is the most beloved personality, he is universal.
    All Vedic literature describe Lord Shiva as the agent of destruction. When annihilation is due in the cyclical course of time, it is Lord Shiva who is the personal destroyer of all the world systems. And until that time Lord Shiva willingly serves as the master of the most fallen souls, so that they can be gradually elevated to the Kingdom of God.

    Lord Shiva is considered to be a 'guna avatar' (qualitative incarnation) of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His position is therefore unique. He is sometimes called almost-God. He is compared in the Brahma Samhita to yogurt, while Sri Krishna is compared to milk. Yogurt is non different from milk, however it is still different in the sense that yogurt cannot be converted back to milk. Similarly, where as Sri Krishna is never effected by the material modes of nature, even when He descends to be a part of it, Lord Shiva kindly accepts the position of serving as the controller of the mode of ignorance and the destruction of the material universe.

    Even though Lord Shiva deals with the most fallen, he is always transcendental to the mode of ignorance. People given to falsehood, consume liquor and intoxicants under the guise that they are devotees of Lord Shiva. However all the teachings of Lord Shiva given in the various Puranas are aimed at devotional service. In the Vaishanava Puranas it is stated that Shambhu (Shiva) is the greatest Vaishanava. In the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva himself declares that one should take to the devotional service of the Supreme Lord. Of the four authorized Vaishanava disciples� successions.
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna Prabhu.

    Shivaratri is the celebration festival for Lord Shiva, one of the three presiding deities of the material world. To manage the material world, Lord Krishna incarnates as three guna avatars, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva. Guna means qualities, and each of the deities preside over a specific quality of material nature. Lord Vishnu represents the mode of goodness, Lord Brahma the mode of passion, and Lord Shiva the mode of ignorance or darkness.

    Lord Shiva is known as Mahadeva, or the great god or demigod. He is known as the highest demigod because he is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu or Krishna. Lord Shiva is always seen seated in a yoga posture and meditating, for his mind is in deep concentration on the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Like other demigods, he has been deputed by Lord Krishna to provide material benedictions to those who worship him. Lord Shiva is generally the demigod to go to for people in the mode of ignorance. People in the mode of ignorance usually crave material benedictions and they know that Lord Shiva is very easily pleased, so they go to him to fulfill their desires.


    There have been many examples in the past where demons worshipped Lord Shiva in order to obtain things that weren’t for used for good purposes. The evil Rakshasa demon Ravana worshipped Lord Shiva and was granted many powers through him. He used these powers to wreak havoc throughout the world, until he was finally stopped by Lord Krishna Himself through His incarnation as Lord Rama. Another demon named Vrikasura once asked Lord Shiva for the benediction that would enable him to kill anyone simply by placing his hand on their head. Lord Shiva granted this wish and the demon immediately tried to place his hand on Lord Shiva’s head in order to kill him. Lord Vishnu then intervened and tricked the demon into killing himself. Prior to becoming a great sage, Vishwamitra Muni was a kshatriya king and he worshipped Lord Shiva in order to procure weapons that he would later use to attack the noble sage Vashishta. Vishwamitra was defeated and he eventually became a very pious brahmana.

    In all these instances, we see that Lord Shiva was easily pleased based on austerities, and not necessarily the qualities of the person performing them. Though he is a boon granter, Lord Shiva is best known for being a great Vaishnava, or devotee of Lord Vishnu. In the Brahmavaivarta Purana, after Lord Shiva takes birth, he tells Lord Krishna that he wants to spend all his time thinking of Him. Lord Krishna tells Shiva that he must get married to Goddess Parvati, but not to worry, because Parvati will only increase his devotion to Him. In this way, we see that Lord Krishna and Shiva have always had a loving relationship. Lord Shiva is also the narrator of the story of Lord Rama found in the Brahmananda Purana, which forms the basis of the Ramacharitamansa of Tulsidas. Lord Shiva beautifully narrates the life and pastimes of Lord Rama to his wife Parvati. He explains that Lord Rama is the Supereme Personality of Godhead, and that devotion to Him is the highest perfection of life. Since he always resides in the city of Kashi in India, Lord Shiva whispers the name of Rama into the ear of anyone who dies there. In this way, people who give up their bodies in Kashi are granted liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

    Bearing all this in mind, Lord Shiva deserves the utmost respect from Vaishnavas. The proper way to worship him is to ask him to grant us the same level of devotion for Krishna that he has. In this way, we will be performing the highest worship of Lord Shiva.


  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Here, You know me Prabhu!
    Now let me disclose a secret to you; Even I was a Shaiva. After Studying Bhagvatam and Bhagvad Gita I ultimately knew that
    "nimna-gänäà yathä gaìgä
    devänäm acyuto yathä
    vaiñëavänäà yathä çambhuù
    puräëänäm idam tathä"
    Srémad-Bhägavatam (12.13.16)

    Just as the Gaìgä is the greatest of all rivers, Lord Acyuta [Kåñëa]
    the supreme among deities and Lord Sambhu [Siva] the greatest of
    Vaiñëavas, so Srémad-Bhägavatam is the greatest of all Puräëas.

    Even Sanatana Goswami's story clarifies that if Lord Shiva really wants someone to be spiritually uplifted, he will make his Devotee Krishna Bhakta.

    Now, talking of Shaivas, Their books we know well. Actually we must also refer that.
    According to Shiva Purana, First of All there was Parabrahm and then came Vishnu. From Vishnu came Brahma. Brahma fought that Vishnu is not his Father. Then it was a terrible fight where Shiva Linga Appeared roaring," I am greater than all of you so find my end if ye can" And when Vishnu Admitted that Shiva's light has no end He(Vishnu) was at once given equal position as Lord Shiva Himself. After that Rudra (Personal Form Of Sada Shiva) was created. But Brahma Claimed that He (Shiva) is His son...At that Time Sankar called Virabhadra who cut away his one of the Five heads. Thus, Shiva is regarded Best by Shaivas.
    Another reason is Shiva is often bounded by Lord Narayan's devotees like Kumaras and Narada and also by Kuber( Srimad Bhagvatam Confirms it) indicating that he is Materially and Spiritually powerful. Brahma is Worshipped by Degraded persons. Vishnu is worshipped by demigods. Whereas Shiva is worshipped by all. So sometimes he is the best.
    Now, At Kashi, Lord Narayana Worshipped Lord Shankara for a thousand years. When He was said by akashvani that Shiva will appear only if Narayana gives 108 Lotuses. When narayana sacrificed an eye when he found the lotuses as 107, then Shiva appeared and gave Him the Sudarshan Chakra, the ultimate weapon. He also gave all his best Ashtras to Him.
    There are many such stories regarding thus. Even in Our Indus Valley Civilisation we find many Shivalingas.

    But in Shiva Purana and Srimad Bhagvatam it is confirmed than THERE's NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HARI AND HARA. Shiva purana clearly declares that Sri hari holds the same exalted Position as Shiva, and the Srimad Bhagvatam (Ref. Canto 5, Muhini Murti Bewilders Lord Shiva) where it is confirmed that Shiva is no different from Krishna, the SPG.Krishna takes the Form of Shiva to conduct certain activities.

    That's why prabhu I never take interests in useless talks. If you believe Krishna there's no harm and if u worship Shiva there's no harm. One will ultimately reach Krishna Bhakti. "Rame Raame iti..." Sankar always chants Vishnu Sahasranamam and Vishnu chants upon Lord Shiva singing Shiva SatSahasranamam Strotam." Harir hara eva" Hari is Hara and Hara is Hari, Live in peace.

    You can explain them that God is one and others are demi gods or sub demi gods. No one is equal to Krishna. Shiva is direct expansion of Krishna, constantly remembering Him. GOD IS ONE. "ISvaro Parama krishna" No one else.

    And Yes Let me tell you Prabhuji, App. knowledge of Scriptures say that Shiva IS NEVER BORN. Only his Personal Rupa is created by Brahma. Vishnu Sahasranam" Vasudeva Viryena Uttpana" Born from the Semen of vasudev. but Krishna is unborn; Similarly, Shiva is Brahma feature of Lord, Krishna is Bhagwan Feature of Lord. Features are indifferent from Lord Himself. When Brahma said Shiva is my son, Immediately his head was cut off. That's blashphemy done by many Vaishnnava Acaryas all over India that Shiva is born and will die. Neither Vishnu, nor Shiva will ever die.

    But ultimately We Vaishnavas are lucky; I really don't know why do you debate with Shaivas. I was also a Shaiva, like Advaita Prabhu( Ref. CC) but " Krishna Stole my heart ". Even a great acharya said," It will take 100 births for Shaivas to become Vaishnavas". It is certainly not a matter of fight, O Prabhu.

    I humbly req. you to stop discussions with Shaivas, They are not at all on the Wrong path. They will get Krishna Bhakti only When Ashutosh gives them that benediction.
    All hail to Hara and Hari,
    Hare Krishna!
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