Prabhu ji, due to mercy of Krishna, I have good job, I need certain clarification, that's why I am asking question
  • Hare Krishna,
    Krishna has ananta names.... every leela He performs He gets a name.
    Govardhana, Laddu gopala, Makkhan chor, Giridhar..
    Rama, Parushurama, Narasimha.. etc etc.
    According to our attachment to a certain form of Krishna we form a special bond with Love.
    Some love Rama ..He becomes their istha dev. Shall we call them Ramanava??????Some Love Vishnu form. Some love Narayan name.
    But all are Lord Only.
    If I say I love Narsimha dev bhagwan more then Krishna bhagwan .. Does it make me Narsimhanava now?
    for this only all those who are praying and following Vaishnava traditional rules and regulations.. and praying to Vishnu tattva or Krishna are are considered Vaishnavas only.
    Lord takes Various forms according to the need of the hour as per the demands of the Yuga. You may call Him Krishna, Rama or any name .. ( 4- handed form, 2 handed form, Multi handed form) All forms are Vishnu tattva only.
    ==>>Krishna has 4 more qualities then Narayana.
    1.The leela madhurya,
    2..Venu madhurya,
    3. Roopa Madhurya,
    4. Bhakta madhurya.
    One has to become a Vaishnava first to Understand Krishna tattva also.
    ==> First basic step when you chant.. for some considerable period of time.. you will get in touch firstly with the Supersoul. that is residing in your heart region...
    After knowing Parmatma.. Who resides in you heart..( Kshirodakshya Vishnu)
    ==>The second step to know is the Garbodakshaya Vishnu ( the one who creates all the universes).
    Once you know them.==>
    You can come to the Next higher step is
    Knowing Maha Vishnu.
    After knowing the Sri Maha Vishnu only one can know who is Krishna.
    It cannot be so easy to know understand the leela's of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
    To a mere onlooker the leelas looks faulty and may even look cheap acts.
    Krishna is not easy to understand Until unless you know Lord Narayana. Once you follow all the ritualistic pooja.. Vaidhi bhakti you become a Vaishnava.
    Once you attain the prema stage of bhakti only you can understand Krishna.
    So the basic step to know Krishna is become Vaishnava first. that is doing all the rituals and following rules and regulations laid by acharyas this is called Vaidhi bhakti.
    Then when you are able to come to Raganuga stage at some point where you are by the Mercy of Lord Sri Krishna can be able to understand His Leelas. Not by your own effort.
    Its by mercy of Lord only.
    All Vaishnavas are Krishna bhakts I wont say this.
    A Vaishnava is the one who follows traditional rules and regulations laid by Acharyas and follows the Parmapara.
    ==>>>To Know Krishna You need to have Lord Krishna's causeless mercy.
    I am a Vaishnava born.. Belonging to Sri Vaishnava traditional family.... I see this difference. In my family not many are Krishna bhakts.
    All are Vishnu bhakts. They do ritualistic pooja and vidhi bhakti very nicely ardently. But if i try to explain about Krishna to them they lack that much taste as they find Narayana
    interesting. But some of these Sri Vaishnavas like me who know Krishna are only few and they are a step ahead of the rest. Knowing Krishna is highest form of bhakti. Not all
    Vaishnavas can have that higher taste.
    For becoming a Krishna bhakt basic qualification is being able to do ritualistic vaidhi bhakti sadhaka that is a being a Vaishnava who follows Paramapra rules If you get Lord's mercy you can understand Krishna.
    Hare Krishna.
    • Thanks mata ji

      For taking time to answer my question, I am somewhat not satisfied by your answer

      As any bhakta follows any of "Devi's" they say all Devis are same, and they call themselves "Shakti Pujak"

      Similarly people who worship either natraj or adiyogi, they are "shaiv"

      But we at Iskcon always try to distinct between vishnu and Krishna , beleive Krishna is superior, whereas rest of world believes Vishnu is supreme and Krishna is one of his incarnation, that is why follower of such philosophy called Vaishnav , they may worship any of Vishnu avatar Rama, Narasimha, Narayan etc

      But we keep saying Krishna is supreme, vishnu is expansion of him, Krishna's incarnations are Rama, Narasimha, Mohini etc. Then why Vaishnav , let be Kraishnav
      • Hare Krishna..,
        Hmm.. What you believe is important not what rest of the world believes in.
        Rest of the world believes in even God is alien and they keep coming to Earth at times in space ships.
        Just what you believe keep strong faith on it and go on it. Whatever it maybe.
        Faith is the one which makes changes from within.
        We believe God is in stone also. rest of the world is opposite to that idol pooja also.
        Hare Krishna.
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