why srila prabhupada was against Osho

srila prabhupada and Osho were contemporary . They both had a philosophy as opposed to each other .

what were the core difference between these two . Why osho's school of thought was unacceptable to srila prabhupada !!!!!

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      • Your opinion doesn't get counted here. You are just wasting your time.

        People are brilliant judges :)



        • You are a complete duffer !!!

          If  this is also the opinion of the admin . of this website , it is better to pack your bags and join the fascist brigade .

           Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution of India !!!

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    Hare Krishna,

    Your question is quite interesting and a part of question has the answer in itself.

    They both had a philosophy...yes they both had a philosophy and the one(Srila Prabhupada's) was authentic, authorized by scriptures & disciplic succession and other was bogus and purely concocted.

    Why was it unacceptable to Srila Prabhupada?

    Well, one may have to rise to his level to actually realize it. It was his compassion for all those who are getting more and more entangled in the mire of material existence because of following such bogus so called gurus & philosophies, that made him oppose or at times just blast them. And all this on the basis of scriptures not due to enviousness or one-up-man-ship. A pure devotee of the Lord sees everything in relationship with the Lord. And all jivas as his siblings when misdirected by bogus ideas or ideals had to be opposed, so he did.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The basic difference in the two philosophies is that Srila Prabhupada preached controlling the senses, whereas Osho preached satisfying the senses so much that one becomes satiated/ disgusted (not sure which, never really followed Osho) and moves towards Godhead.

    Srila Prabhupada philosophy said and it is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagawatam also, that senses can never be satisfied, regardless of how long and how much one tries to satisfy them. The example he gave was trying to douse  a fire by putting more and more ghee into it. Thats not possible - obviously.

    Srila Prabhupada asked his disciples to control their senses to the extent that there are restrictions in sexual relations even between married couples, whereas Osho preached - Free For All, no restrictions.

    I am sure you have understood. Your choice whose philosophy you would like to choose and follow.

    Just a word in caution, Srila Prabhupada is in parampara, whatever he spoke has come down in disciplic succession right from Brahma. Not sure about Osho - how many such characters happened in the earlier ages? Come to think of it, this philosophy could not get any followers in Satya yuga at all.


    Your servant,


    • your replies are all waste of energy . If someone does not believe in  Srimad Bhagwatam or bhagwad gita , there exists no answers for him . You bears a myopic vision , only centric of two or three books and some imaginary characters . Reply and reveal truth only but shribhagwad or some other text !!!

      • mere bhai Bhagwaan is not imaginary charactor, you and me are imaginary charactors, who will die one day and no one will imagine remembering us.

    • Osho is respectable ,  Srila Prabhpada is respectable !!!!

      Osho read 1,85,000 or more books in his lifetime .Osho lectured about Krishna, Shiva , Patanjali  , MahaveerSwami(Jainism), Buddha , Sufis , Nanak , Jesus , Jews mystics , Chinese and Japanese  mysystics as well , the list goes on and on...... , socialism and capitalism and topics of wide range  . Both Srila Prabhupada and Osho are enlightened souls . Osho also said about sex .  Osho's commentaries about a particular subject are unending and incomparable ; yes!!! incomparable till-date . Both Srila Prabhupada and Osho are the jewels of Bharat and a gift to Bharat  by the almighty supreme personality of this universe.You will be surprised , it is not  the 'opinion about sex' that is the distinguishing factor between these two .They both were for the betterment of mankind and this existence .In this highly populated and congested world with 850crore people living ; earning bread and maintaining a  good standard of life are the top most priorities and challenge  faced by each one of us . with the above-mentioned targets and problems , no-one really has time to think about philosophy or who is good or bad . Big- big volume of books , doctrines  are of no-help in securing a job . My opinion, do not disrespect anyone !!!!! ; Poor man's god is his hard earned chapati !!!!

      • any one who announces himself/herself as GOD or enjoys his followers addressing him as GOD, is nothing but a RASCAL.  These kinda Guru and his followers all are under the clutches of MAYA which is the illusionery material potency of Lord Krishna.  These kinda gurus and their followers, they come in this material world, go waste their human form of life and die. without knowing the consequences and results of their actions and thoughts and how they spent their life 

      • E-Counselor

        Dear Atul ji, 

        Nice that you are here to ask very relevant questions which would clear doubts in many minds. I personally thank you very much. Now to answer your questions from what I've understood by reading about Osho and your perceptions discussed here on the forum.

        1. Asking a question with a preconceived answer will not take u anywhere. Pls try to be open to take anything as an answer, be it seemingly wierd or relevant. Just leaving the discussion because you are not getting an answer which you like to hear, is not the solution at all.

        I agree that the words used by other member might have hurt you, sorry to say that even Osho's comparison with Srila Prabhupada is also not to be taken in a good taste.

        2. From what I've read about Osho and his works, is far from the actual spirituality. There has to be a basis of a discussion which lacks in his philosophy. We can't just follow anyone's hyperactive mind especially in the case of dissussions relating to Spirit (Soul & Supersoul). He started his own philosophy which appealed to many and attaracted many like minded people but can't be passed off as philosophy on spirituality per se.

        3. No one can't be just passed off as bhagwan just because they have good oratorial skills, attract good no. of people and think out of the box. Bhagwan is much more than that. 

        So when you say that Rajneesh/ Osho as bhagwan it is a demeaning statement and people will react. You may not have used any harsh or bad words but when you compare Bhagwan or pure devotee of Bhagwan then its as good as any bad word.

        Your Freedom of expression was not attacked or restricted anywhere in the discussion. You have your views others have theirs. And its purely on your discretion that you compare on the basis of Logic, Intellicence,  Experiment & Scriptural Knowledge being followed by millions of seekers for millions of ages.

        You can expect people to react badly when their dearmost parents or relative is compared to a not so good or dirty animal. 

        After reading about Osho my personal view is that he can be a good person but can't be aprreciated for his philosophy as it doesn't have any foundations. He was blasted by Srila Prabhupada because he was entangling people more and more into the cycle of birth and death thus drifting the children away from The Supreme Father Sri Krishna

        • Fine !!! I will not respond further !!!!

          Your training and  discipline  are 100% !!!!

          Thanks for bearing and answering my queries  !!!!!

          One simple reading is not enough i will read your reply again and again !!!!

          Hari Bol !!!

          Hare Krishna -hare Krishna !!!!

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