Why sometimes devotees dont speak

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        Dandavat pranam

 Why it happens like that when we help devotees in their bad times ,they co operate with us speak with us friendly. And when all is well they dint even look us or atleast say haribol. This disturbs me and my mind a lot,even after being very obedient servant of them.

   Hare krsna


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  • Hare Krishna ... || Shri Krishna padakamalam sharanam prapadye ||

    Ashwini prabhuji, I understand your feelings of being hurt when the people you helped in bad times do not talk to you or treat you with consideration in their better times. This is a typical case of the play by maya with Kali purusha. Due to the influence of Kali, people fail to remember and show grace and gratitude to the benefactors. Kali doesn't differentiate between non-bhaktas and bhaktas in this aspect as long as people fall in the net of maya. However, being in Krishna Consciousness, when you help people, don't differentiate between Bhaktas and non-bhaktas. We may think that we judge correctly from our point of view but only Krishna knows the truth whether a person is a bhakta or not !! So whatever help you render (material or a Krishna-conscious service) do it just for the sake of Krishna's pleasure. Leave the karma decision to Him. Whatever service we do, in Krishna-consciousness we should do only for the pleasure of Krishna (more than the material pleasure of the person we help). '..karmanye vadhikarasthe maphaleshu kadachana..' Do help/service, leave the fruit or thought about the fruit to Krishna's part. Krishna will take care of it. Not only will He recognize your service for also extend His helping hand to pull you up from this samsara sagara(ocean of material world). Hare Krishna Hare Krishna - May Krishna's blessings and mercy be upon you !!

    •  Hare krishna thanks a lot to all the devotees for helping me to come out from this situation.Now onwards i will try my best to please krsna by serving everyone and not expecting any respect in return.

  • devotees's are greeater than god, finding fault in the devote is first step to fall down.

    we have to respect the devotees according to their devotional stage. devotee's don't have bad time.

    • i have to disagree to the fact that devotees are are grater than god......We are servants of god and can never be equal or above sri krishna. and i agree finding a fault in a devotee is a step down.

      hari bol

      your eternal servant

      nalin das

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