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Hare Krishna...Pranam..I would like to know when exactly Damodar month begins for this year...In Malaysia, it is on the 20th October (according to Malaysian vedic calendar), here (ISKCON DESIRE TREE) it is stated that it is on 19th October....Our family friend from Vrindavan is saying that in Vrindavan, they will start on the 18th itself.....??? In Mayapur, it is also on the 19th October.

Even during Ekadashi, we face the same problem....Malaysia's time is only two hours and forty minutes ahead of India...why so much of difference...confused about which one to follow....

What to do?


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  • Volunteer

    Dear Mataji, we should follow that calendar of that city where we reside for present time. It is because Sun's and Moon's movements. Time might be with very little difference but still coordinates are not same. 

    Even sometimes Ekadashi in Mayapur is in other day and in Mumbai in other day be them in one country India. 

    Your servant, 

  • It starts on 18th.

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