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Why other scriptures revealed Lord Siva as Supreme. I know Lord Krsna is the Supreme and He has all the qualities to be Supreme which surpasses other qualities of Lord Siva and others..

I read other discussion and topic in desiretree but could not understand Why Srila Vyasdeva revealed Lord SIva as Supreme in other scriptures which makes people confused..Why did he not mention Krsna as supreme everywhere in the scripture..

Hari Bol!!

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  • Please rise above all the dualities is what Lord Krishna said in Gita. Then why do you see the difference?

    Do you think Krishna, Brahma, Shiva are different? To me, there is only ONE GOD who can take any form and show His leelas. Come out of the maya and you will see only ONE GOD who is existing and nothing else.



    • E-Counselor

      If you think Krsna, Brahma and Siva are not different, then YOU are the one in illusion. Please read Srimad Bhagawatam carefully. You will get scriptural reference of who is who and how they originated.

      Unfortunately its not what WE think, scriptures are very clearly stating about how the universe is created. Since we accept the authority of the scriptures, we have to accept what the scriptures state above what our minds state.



      • hare krsna mataji,  its a good response

      • Perfect response by Rashmi Mata ji....as always :)

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