• Thank you very much mataji for your answer..
          What you say is very true.

          Your servant

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    Hare Krishna Sagar Pr,


    Krishna says in BG that any thing that you eat without offering to him is eating nothing but sin. This includes even vegetarian food. At the same time, Krishna is very merciful and he latter on says in BG that if one offers him a leaf (tulasi), a flower, a fruit or atleast some water with love and devotion, he shall accept it and eat for the deliverance of the conditioned souls. A devotee does not eat any thing so called vegetarian food. All that a devotee eats is Krishna Prasadam - Vegetarian food offered to Krishna first. Krishna is called achyuta meaning the one whom the sin can not touch. When the vegetarian food is offered to Krishna, he will remove all the sinful reaction form that and we eat only what ever he leaves for us to eat - his remnants.

    Krishna also says what ever u do, do it as an offering to me. So devotees offer all that they have to him. When some one asked this question to one of the senior devotees here, he replied like this - "We eat only Krishna prasadam. What ever Krishna eats and gives us, we eat it happily. And we offer Krishna what he likes to eat which is given in shastras like Srimad Bhagavatam."

    I hope this answers your question.

    Hari bol!!!!

    • Thank you very much sudheendra prabhu for you comment...

      However if Krishna mentions only a leaf, flower, fruit or water then, there are so many things apart from these that we offer him.... for instance take Milk.... it is not mentioned by lord in this verse however we still offer it to him. If we stick to this verse then we how can we justify offering the other things to lord outside this verse...Milk is just an example but there may be many things outside this verse that we offer to lord !!

      Pls forgive my arrogance !!

      Hare Krishna !!

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        Hare Krishna Sagar pr,


        I am sorry for the delayed response as I was little busy in temple over the week end. To answer to ur question, first of all, the verse that I quoted from BG was just one of the many verses from scriptures that Krishna says about his diet! In the SB canto 10 we learn how Krishna was found of milk/curd/yogurt/butter etc mainly milk products. Also we learn what Krishna with his cowherd boy friends would have in their lunch. If you read the vishnava song book there is a song called Bhoogaarthi in which there is a LONG list of preparations that are fed to Krishna. So we can learn what Krishna eats and likes from such verses from Scriptures. 

        However, never have he told any were that he ate meat. In the vedas there is a verse in which it says "Jeevo jeevasya jeevanam" One living entity survives on eating the other living entities. This should not be misunderstood with eating of animals. The consciousnesses of an animal is more developed than in a plant. If you observed carefully you will see this yourself. When you cut a plant or a tree, it does not feel pain and cry out loudly. Infact for quite some time, it will not even know it has been cut off... but this is not true in case of animals. When an animal is cut it has to suffer a lot of pain. The law of karma is that what ever pain u give to an animal will come back to u 3 times more in either this life or next. Scriptures allow eating of meat only on extreme condition when there is no other food available at all in the world.

        Let me know if u have any more questions on this.

        Hari bol!!!

        • Thank You very much Sudheendra Prabhu for you time ...

          Your answer is very wonderfull. I liked it. And that cleared my doubt for sure. And you dont have to be sorry for the late reply at all. ...

          If you could spend some more time for this fallen soul... I would be greatfull to listen from you the answer for one more question...

          As we dun eat Onion and garlic even being a vegetarian food.. The reason we put is that, they will increase the mode of ignorance and that is not good for our spiritual progress..
          However here I would like to ask .... Where do we derive this knowledge about Onion n Garlic And can we scientifically proove this ??

          Your Servant

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            Hare Krishna Sagar Pr.

            I have a blog about onion and garlic. Please read it at this link


            This has all the information one needs to know (actually more than you can read ;). Let me know if u have any more doubt or question about this.

            Hari bol!!!

            • PAMHO Sudheendra pr...

              Thats a wonderfull information you referred to.... but it gives so many stories about onion and garlic so which one is actully true... i mean the stories about the creation of onion and garlic... are all of them true ?? if yes then how ??

              Also can you also provide some more links about intoxication and gambling ??

              Thanks a lot for your mercy !!

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                Both are true. It could have happened in different days of brahama's or in differnet universe.

                regarding intoxication and gambling I don't have any ready material as such. will let know if i come across. But I dont think any one would say its good to drink on and to gamble right leave alone spirituality even materialist wont want to do these things.

                Hari bol!!!

                • i think that's a perfect answer.. i think i can convince my friends now... thank u very much for your words of wisdom !!

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