Why Lord Vishnu dont have childern when Lord shiva has

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The moment we differentiate between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva we fall down...True.. but when both are same then why lord Vishnu don't have children?? I was looking for an answer in net but didn't got.  Please advise me what's the reason behind it.

Hari Bol

Your humble servant

Amit Mehra


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  • sri guru gauranga jayatah

    actually this is all tattva vicara.
    primarily ur judgement (or doubt) regarding the similarity between shiva & vishnu based on having children or not is not the right way to understand or approach transcendental matters.

    the explaination is that they are both similar & non similar (acintya bheda abheda) simultaneously.

    brahma samhita gives example (kshiram yatha dadhi vikara..) - u have seen a milk. if u add some impurity like lime or tamarind etc it turns into a curd. now the curd & milk are different in properties, taste, nature, acidity etc.. but also they r same in one way that the curd is nothing but the milk. curd is a special transformation of the milk. but milk is a seperate thing( pure) & curd is another thing( something is mixed). same way lord vishnu who is fully pure , for the purpose of material creation has to contact maya. so he expands into a personality called siva. for this reason he can be considered as vishnu but because this expansion contacts maya , he cant be considered as vishnu ( vishnu never contacts maya) & this personality is also not an ordinary jiva like us. he is a unique reality. therefore he comes in the category of siva tattva.
    there are many tattvas like this - vishnu tattva, jiva tattva, maya tattva, sakti tattva, siva tattva, guru tattva, gaura tattva, krsna tattva, radha tattva, bhakti tattva, prema tattva, rasa tattva etc..

    we must understand these realities through the explainations given by the acharyas. how they are explaining that way we will understand. by our worldly comparison we will fail to understand.

    so we are not to make vishnu , an object of our comparision or subject him to our logical reasoning & analysis. because he is adhoksaja infinite. a finite being cant contain the complete understanding of the infinite being. he can only understand to that extant to which He reaveals Himself through His agents.

    the life in the spiritual world is v much different in substance from that of our world. we should not expect the same situations that we experience here to be also present in that realm.

    in that realm there is not birth of krsna or his associates, no demons to kill, no going far away from vrindavan to mathura, no formal marriage ceremonies, no gurukuls, etc.. all this may be needed here, not there.

    similarly here we have family , children ,office ,hospitals, schools,rituals,marriages, duty , responsiblities etc.. but krsna has nothing to do. no work to do. instead he is the supreme enjoyer & everything exists both in spiritual & material world for his enjoyment.

    in vrindavan - he enjoys with his friends, grazing cows, joking,playing flute, many amazing activities etc.. this is his only engagement. why should he have children?
    u know children means we need to spend time in taking care of them , feeding, putting to sleep, teaching morals, serving, getting them married etc..
    in vaikunta also he is served by laksmi and others in dasya rasa.what need is there for vishnu to have children there? what for? there is no application of children there!
    they may be needed here for some purpose. siva's children have some task. ganesh is incharge of education dept & he also served vyasa in writing mahabharat. kartikeya is incharge of army dept of demigods & he was meant to kill tarakasura.their birth has some purpose.
    so why vishnu need children !
    now this consideration is also there from another standpoint. vishnu does have children. as lord rama he had lava & kusa. as varaha he had narakasura as son. as krsna he had many sons like pradyumna, samba ,grandsons like anirudha , great grandsons also (refer " the genology of krsna's family" from krsna book) . but his giving birth & our giving birth is not the same. angani yasya sakalendriya vrtti manti - he can perform any activity through any organs of his divine body. he gave birth to brahma how? through the lotus growing from his navel. he doesnt need the aid of the woman. he also doesnt need to give seminal birth through reproductive organs like us.he did that from his navel. he also impregnates prakrti with living entities simply by his glance. he can give birth through eyes. he can eat through eyes. etc.. all his activities are transcendental. he may appear humanlike but he is not ordinary human being. so the conditions that apply to us doesnt apply to him. so only krsna says -"janma karma ca me divyam jo janati tattvatah/ tyaktva deham punar janma naiti..." - one who factually understands the transcendental nature of My appearence & activities doesnot upon leaving his body come to this material world ; instead they
    return back to godhead!!

    hare krsna
  • is it each and every living entity is the child of Shri VishNu and Lakshmi ??

    • From the point of Absolute Truth all living beings are eternal and unborn parcels of Lord.

      Considering all that nobody is father or son to anyone, being classifications in relation to material body, not in relation to transcendental soul.

      SB 7.7.19-20“Ātmā” refers to the Supreme Lord or the living entities. Both of them are spiritual, free from birth and death, free from deterioration and free from material contamination. They are individual, they are the knowers of the external body, and they are the foundation or shelter of everything. They are free from material change, they are self-illuminated, they are the cause of all causes, and they are all-pervading. They have nothing to do with the material body, and therefore they are always uncovered. With these transcendental qualities, one who is actually learned must give up the illusory conception of life, in which one thinks, “I am this material body, and everything in relationship with this body is mine.”
      SB 7.7.19-20
      In Bhagavad-gītā (15.7) Lord Kṛṣṇa clearly says, mamaivāṁśo jīva-loke jīva-bhūtaḥ: “All the living entities are part of Me.” Therefore the living ent…
      • So when one's soul was born in a material body appears to be kind of punishment for some  previous sins. A person is a conciliation of soul, body... From this point of view the material body appears to be like a jail with some learning courses .  In order to put some powder on the cruel reality we invented Art,  Philosophy, and all  other form of social consciousness. Am I right?

        • Transcendental soul can not be touched by material energy. Therefore material body cover is not like a prison for the soul, its more like a cloud which temporary covers the Sun.

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