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Lord Krishna in his very first verse he spoke in BG scolded Arjuna that he is lamenting for those who are not worthy(He was lamenting for Body), similarly Lord Ram consoled Vibhishana and made him aware between the difference of Soul and body when Vibhishana was lamenting Kumbhkarna's death.

Why Lord Ram was crying when Laxman ji got Unconscious.

Please forgive me if its un-appropriate.

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  • Lord Rama is the Supreme Lord Himself and hence His crying cannot be equated to the crying of mortals or the living entities. Crying for Laxman is the reciprocation of Service and the Lord's Love for His devotee.Also Lord Rama although was very attached to Dasharatha He immediately left the palance to fulfill His father's vow even when He knew that it will cost death of His father! This is the feature that is only exhibhited by the Lord or His ideal devotees!


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    Lord Krsna scolded Arjuna for lamenting because he was giving scriptural reasonings for his lamenting, whereas it was purely on the bodily platform. To stop the lamenting and to start the dawn of reasoning, Lord Krsna said to Arjuna that you belong to high parentage, still you are talking like a fool, this is not appropriate for you.

    Lord Rama was reminding Vibhishana that he had already chosen the lord above his familial affections, that Kumbhakarana was on the wrong side of the war and that people who are averse to the lord will perish in the war.

    Lord Rama incarnated as Maryada Purushottam - the ideal man. Lakshman incarnated as His ideal brother. He came to the forest for the lord, fought the battle for the lord, became unconscious in the battle. THerefore, the lord was lamenting as an ideal brother, also to show the world how the lord reciprocates loving relationships with His devotees, that the lord is equally concerned about His devotee and does not like to see any devotee in distress because of Himself.

    I hope I have been able to explain.


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