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Why Krsna advised Arjuna to fight in the battlefield when HE (Lord Krsna) knew that many innocent army would die?

Krsna is the supreme father. Everybody is his son (though devotees are dearest one). So many of the army (please note: Army, not actually the King or others) who were fighting for Kaurava were innocent.So why Lord Krsna allow Arjuna to kill such innocent people.

Is this only because those army were fighting for Duryodhana who was irrelegious?

Please guide me and I apologize if I hurt anyone.

Just Servant

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  • Jai !!!

  • This was all Krsna's arrangement and it was their karma (and Krsna's mercy) to die such a brave and valiant death. They were fulfilling their duty as a kshatriya so therefore no sin was occurred on their part.

  • hare krishna.

    the dharma of a kshatriya is to fight for what is right and for the protection of one's own kingdom. it is the dharma of a kshatriya to be brave. if Arjuna would have turned his face away from war and this would bring disgrace to his kingdom and family. also , he was fighting for what is right so there is no reason why he should not fight the kauravas.

    as for the army men , if they were left on the basis of their innocence they would kill innocent people (the army of pandavas). it is the dharma of the king to protect his soldiers. If Arjuna wold have not killed them then it would be "INNOCENT PEOPLE SUPPORTING A WRONG CAUSE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE SUPPORTING THE RIGHT CAUSE"
    I think the innocent people of the pandava sena deserved a chance to live over the innocent people of the kaurava sena.

    besides, the people of kaurava sena probably were not innocent. They knew that their king was a sinner and supporting a sinner is being a sinner.

    i hope this has been useful.

    hare krishna
  • Volunteer

    Just to emphasize, Krishna never advised Arjuna to fight (this is often debated by non-devotees. In fact my college professors all emphasized that Krishna advised Arjuna to fight). He advised him to do his dharma which as a kshatriya is to a) never back down from a fight and b) uphold the principles of righteousness. 

    As far as innocence goes - there were innocent soldiers killed on the Pandavas side and there were innocent soldiers killed on the Kaurava side. But as Maral Mataji mentioned - a war is war. The basic point is that the Pandavas were all righteous and good people, dharma and satya were on their side, and if Arjuna did not fight there was no way for the Pandavas (without Arjuna) to win (unless Krishna broke his promise to not raise a weapon in the war). If the Pandavas did not win, who knows what our past would have been... (but I think I'm getting off topic, so i'll end here).

    Hare Krishna Prabhu! Thank you for another intriguing question :)

  • Volunteer

    Both sides died except five Pandavas. 

    Arjuna could not kill just Duryodhana to bring back their kingdom. Pandavas requested so much to not to fight but Duryodhana did not agreed. Pandavas told we are kshatriyas and so that we perform out duties we need at least a small land. But Duryodhana told that he won't give even a small land in the size of a needle. In this way he ended his life himself. 

    So war is war. Not two people fight but many. So as kshatriyas they had to kill each other. And those people who die on the battle field go to heavenly planets.

    Zola Prabhu is right, in order to understand this mood one should be a kshatriya.

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krsna

    Krsna begins by instructing Arjuna that the soul is immortal unlike the machine that we call the body which is sure to come to an end. 

    Any person who acknowledges this fact knows that it is not possible to kill someone or be killed by someone.

    So where does the question of killing arise?

    It is also not up to you to decide who is innocent and who is not. Leave that to Krsna:)

    If you were a warrior than to fight is your duty and Krsna instructs Arjuna how best to carry out one's duty.

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