• Lord Krishna wear peacock featherbcoz he want to tell us that all his Lila with gopis of vrindavan and shrimati radharani is niskam Lila it is not bhautik Lila why peacock feather bcoz male peacock never has maithun with female peacock to produce offspring she just drink the tears and become pregnant so peacock feather is a symbol of niskam Lila
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  • hare krsna...

    the reason i know why krsna wears peacock feather is that peacock doesnt have lust.. frm all the species only peacock is one specie which do not indulge into phical relationship for reproduction.. i dnt knw m wrong or right.. but this is what i was told,.. peacock is beyond lust thats y krsna wears peacock feather on his head.

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    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      I also heard about the Lust etc. but I have seen video proof that the Peacock do have physical reproduction process.  Only Krishna knows the truth.


  • Hare Krishna, dear respected devotees of Lord krishna.

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-deva.

    I will do my full best to explain this to you , nice devotees. Especially this will be very difficult  for me to write it down with my shortcoming inglish. This was told to me by a Prabhupada deiciple. So ,with Srila Prabhupada, His diciple , My Guru-Maharaja, SRI SRI RADHA KRISHNA and all of you nice respected devotees, mercy I will try my full best to write everythig the same way it was told to me. One more thing. I am begging on my knees to all of you, who will read this not to speculate on this subject matter for it is the secret of all secrets. Accept this story the exact way it is written, because by speculating on this subject matter will cause your falldown from your BHakti platform, was also told to me by that Prabhupada diciple who's name I cann't remember anymore. Otherwise why do you think I would take my time to write it down. If you can not understand this subject matter please read it again and again, till you will understand it.

    The Lila that I told to you before happened in the Spiritual Realm. SRI SRI RADHA KRISHNA stays eternally in this spiritual realm. They NEVER leave this place to go elsewhere to perform other lila's. In this Eternal Spiritual Realm, GOLOKA VRINDAVANA,the Highest spiritual planet,  Krishna NEVER leaves Radharani and Radharani NEVER leaves Krishna. So, In this place they perform Their Lila eternally. ALWAYS. You have a fixed number of servants there , like the gopi's , cowherd boy's, parrots, tulsi maharani,etc. No one can enter this place. This fixed number  of servants can be replaced only by Radharani her mercy and blessings. After blessed by Radharani and approved by Krishna, then such a lucky soul can enter Goloka Vrindavana.

    So, performing Their Lila there eternally,  They transforme Theirself in different forms. For exaple, you have human form, animal form, tree form, etc. In each form you have certain levels. For example the human form.  Radha Krishna transformed Theirself within seconds in a baby form, child form or adult form with is never older then 16 years. They  transforme Themself as They wish or as that certain Lila wants, that to be happened. Everything in Goloka Vrindavana changes also in the same way that that certain part of Lila wants it to happened. All the Lilas are dominated by the human form Lilas. That means the human form lila is the basic of all the lilas. From this all the other lilas are taking place. For example the peacock feather lila. Radharani told once to Krishna, Your hair is so nice black, but sill it is not all atractive. (Remember: Krishna Is always all atractive. But to please Radharani He made this happened.) Its looks a little empthy. Understanding Radharani's thoughts, this lila took place which I already told you. So, the human lila as basic, created an animal lila. Remember that all the lilas are spiritual, in fact everything in Goloka Vrindavana is spiritual. Sometimes the humanform lila becomes powerfull, sometimes the animalform lila etc. All these lilas are taking place in a chainreaction,arranged by Yogamaya and created by the all powerfull Lord Krishna.

    Everbody knows that Krishna is the Supreme Enjoyer. The only thing He wants in Goloka Vrndavana is to enjoy.For this He has created His Pleasure planet Goloka Vrindavana. Only to enjoy.

    SO, dear devotees it was a pleasure to write it down for you. Because of your good bhakti and good qualities you have earned this  knowledge  of Goloka Vrindavana.Read this carefully and enjoy it. I hope I could please you ,nice devotees of Lord Krishna with this nice elevated knowledge about Lord Krishna.

    If you have any question ,please you may ask.

    Radha Radha

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    In my view and correct me where I go astray,  I don't know if the pass time  given by Chaitanya  Prabhu even happend.  But if it did,then it must have happen in Goloka Vrindavan.  

    The reasoning is that:

    Krishna appears to always have a peacock feather.  Even from a young age.  Yet, its said that he started  wearing the feather sometime during his youth.  So, in Goloka Vrindavan he is as said always a little less then 16 years old.  He is ever present there and so when he appeared in Bhauma Vrindavan, he had the peacock feather from very young age. 


  • Hare Krishna, dear Manojkumar Bhika.
    I agree totally with you. Maybe you can help me to search this question. Why nityananda broke the sanyasa danda from Caitanya Mahaprabhu? Thank you very much.
    Radha Radha.
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    Did some research.. goto this link..


    Why Krishna Wears Peacock Feathers |
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      Very nice audio on Lord Krishna's Passtime Manojkumar Prabhu.

      I will have my kids listen to it.

    • Hare Krishna, Manojkumar Bhika prabhu.

      Welldone, prabhu. As i said i can accept you as my spiritual master.

      Thank you so much.


      Radha Radha.

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