Why Krishna not protect cows now?

Hare Krishna dear devotees 

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada 

I have this doubt in my mind. Can anybody tell why Lord Krishna does not protect His dear most cows now a days as we see they are sent in thousands of number in butcher shops, are sold and eaten.  I am little less educated, expect direct and non lengthy answers... 

Hare Krishna

your servant

Rudra das

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  • I have points, theorys or facts to share.#1all physical life is hellish so do not/one should not lament any Soul *granted ane earlt escape from it! #2 Cows are not Actually Sunless having ignorance/innocence /un-rationale reality& glutiny as sins. However, given their good intentions they are not to be considered as sinful.*? #3. In order to develop grounds to annihilate the evel-minded&wikked hearted God allows miscreants to perceive (foolishly) that taking that poison, will cause death & disterbence to their enmamiess? These are my speculations. None are prefect hence all are subjects of inevitable death.?
  • Types of Goseva you can do:
    1. By feeding them Jaggery, bananas, green grass and chapatis
    2. By buying books on cows and donating , distributing them for creating awareness

    3. Visit goshalas and massage cows, they love it
    4. Buy medicines for them, Arrange doctors to treat ill cows and pay for the treatment
    5.  To please Krsna you can create pamhlets of importance of cows and distribute them among devotees 
    6. Drink cow milk and encourage others for that
    7. Chant and pray for the protection and well-being of cows

  • Hare Krishna!
    Thank you all devotees for such nice answers. All of them giving different angles of this situation..
    All glories to the Vaisnavas
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada
    Your Servant
  • E-Counselor

    Let me answer the reverse prabhuji. Suppose Krsna protected the cows in this age also, and whoever harmed them, would kill them. Then what would happen, people will be fearful of harming the cow. People would know that there is a God and the way to reach Him is through cow. Then there would be no breakdown of religious principles. Then everyone would be religious. Then what kaliyuga?

    What to speak of cows, even devotees are harmed in today's world. 

    So does that mean that even devotees are not dear to the lord?

  • Because cows like any other are living conditioned souls. We often forget though often repeated that "we are not the body" and whatever we experience today is the result of our karma in the past. How karma works? Maybe a rift in space-time continuum (like the butterfly effect) when you do anything which bounces back to you and sets circumstances in our lives beyond our control and that circumstances clashes and chaos runs amok. If you have seen the cover in the picture of Srila Prabhupada book "Laws of Nature", you'll understand what I'm writing about. It depicts the butcher with the head of the cow and the the cow with the head of butcher. It's a vicious hellish cycle that keeps you trap here. The only way to stop that cycle is that you stop spinning it. It's that simple. Stop responding to your urges and impulses which is triggered by your past karma. Forgive instead of revenge, understand instead of anger, be brave when you are afraid.  Self control is the key and do so with a purpose - that of salvation or eternal service to God. Cows are sacred. True. But it is our responsibility that we protect them. God is not our servant. It is our job to protect cows. Are we up to the task? Are we courageous enough to go out and campaign and make people understand why cows are sacred? Are we convinced enough? Are you humble and controlled enough? Lord Krishna loves "true devotees" but is He here to protect them? You see, we cannot order and guilt trip Him like that. No. If we do that it's also a sign of lack of conviction because we do not understand Him enough. Consider it all a chance to better yourself spiritually. Kali Yuga is actually a very fertile ground for spiritual advancement because without Adharma, Dharma has no meaning. When there is no resistance, you will not grow stronger. Just do your duty. Enjoy the process. Give it your best. Don't judge. Leave the outcome to Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Sorry I dont agree that cows in kaliyuga are sinful, not surrendered to Krsna. All souls in Kaliyuga are sinful, including human beings. Cow as a yoni is in the mode of goodness. The next birth of soul in cow yoni is human form (some say brahmana). Cows are dear to Krsna, Krsna has demonstrated the same and also how to take care of cows as a way to economic fulfilment as well. It is for the jiva to follow. If human beings do not follow, it is adding upto their sins and they will surely suffer for the sin incurred. 

    In Kaliyuga, all round destruction of societal norms are expected (happens in every Kaliyuga of every chaturyuga). So simply because cows are being exploited, doesnt mean Krsna doesnt love them anymore. It boils down to the same thing, this is misuse of the limited freedom given to the soul.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • No , its not like that
    Krishna protect but indirectly & not in a direct way
    I am the Intelligent of strength of all.
    So indirectly He give the power and intelligence. Then someone act for protection of cows.
    In spirituality we have to check things in broad way. Short cut may not give perfect result
    Please forgive me if something incorrect
    Hari Bol.....
    Umesh Tripathi
  • These cows also have pastimes.. Due to which they suffer.. But one answer for u r question can be... Because all this is happening to make this process faster.. I mean brought Kaliyug to an end.... Whenever their is harm to dhrm.. Or to his devotees.. To innocent people.. Krishna will come.. So it's just a step for Kaliyug to an end.. Just a beginning.. There's much more.. Abut to come... So chant Hare Krishna ND pray to Lord alwas
  • I have also the same question for many years

    • But now I have known the exact reason...which perhaps will boil many devotees blood but be patient, atleast read the truth...and then reply/comment..

      The reason is Lord Krishna is One face of that Supreme ParaBraham who has all three Gunas SatoGuna, TapoGuna and RajoGuna

      Lord Krishna has Only One Guna which we all know ,that is, SatoGuna...which combines all other Gunas like MakhanChori, MahaRas, Establishing Dharma i.e. Righteousness, and other related aspects of SataGuna

      Yes, this is the right answer.....

      If Krishna is the Supreme ParaBraham, then why did he not make some particular rule so that Cows will not be killed anymore in KaliYuga ??

      If he really loves Cows and respect them as he did in Vrindavan then why did he not do something very great for Cows so that they can never ever be killed in Kaliyuga ??

      Also in Ramayan & Srimad Bhagwatam,which was written before the arrival of Kaliyuga and is given that cows would be less in KaliYuga.....

      Did Krishna not know all about this when Ramayan and Srimad Bhagwatam was being written by ?

      Of Course, he knew that ,he knew very well that cows would be less in KaliYuga but even after he did nothing and accepted this...

      Guys, i m using the word 'accepted' instead permitted , guess why ??  

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