pamho, HK,

Once a devotee from temple told me that you should give first preference to Krishna Consciousness.  But I came into argument that what would happen if materialism is given first preference ?

He gave me an analogy of creation:

Water and sand,

1.  If we fill a glass with water first and then fill sand, small stones will it settle to the bottom ?

2.  If we fill a glass with sand, small stones first and then fill it with water will it settle to the bottom ?

In the end, Prabhuji told me you should preach.

Please provide me some suggestions.  Or any views, opinions, questions based on preaching Prabhupada's books are also welcome.



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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Krsna Consiousness is a priority. However, it is not forced on anyone. Only those who understand by dint of their sadhana and faith in guru that it is a priority may do so, for others it is enough to chant 16 and follow 4.

    Material pursuits are no doubt important to us and in fact, it does not interfere with our endeavour towards Krsna Consciousness. Pls do all material pursuits keeping Krsna in the centre - then that pursuit also becomes a spiritual activity. 

    What material pursuits can one have - a good degree, a good job, a good spouse, a good house, car, vacations, family well settled, lots of friends .... isnt it? Anything apart from this? 

    Krsna tells in Gita continously to do our prescribed duty. So there is no bar to studying and working. Money will flow as a result and one can acquire possessions like house, car. If these are there with us, spouse and friends will also be there. 

    On the contrary, if materialism is given first preference, then we will get so caught up in the race of life, we will completely forget Krsna and as a result, we will be subjected to the same chaos that the world is facing today.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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