Hare krishna,



             i understand krishna cares and respects female devotees more.

             becuase all intimate services like cooking for him,dressing for him,making garland for him,bathing him ....... all services realted to him they only do.they can play with chldrens in home,they can read books , chant anytime.they can do everyhting directly for krishna, even they get appreciation from everyone i am not jealous but want to confirm.

             please comment i think most of us are agree with me.in scriptures also krishna gives importance to his female devotees like mother yashoda, elderly gopis, kunti maharani,mother ahilya,gopis,Draupadi,kubja ......




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      • Volunteer

        Cows have got a symbolic representation, they symbolise meekness and mildness. It suggests that Krishna loves those who are humble, just as Jesus loves lambs.  Actually, Krishna loves the feminine spirit, that is waht He means. Feminine spirit means, a spirit that intensely seeks His company. Devotion is always feminine in nature.

        •  Hre Krishna. We dont have to speculate why... It is all there. Krishna gives special protection to the ladies especially if they have no care of a husband. This is what He says. Krishna also gives special favor to the Brahmans and synasies. Its there. Theres many verses. But Im not a pondit, that is good at reciting verses or even able to look them up. I just know what He says in essense.

          But I remember the verses.

    • Krishna recriprocates acording to our devotion to Him. He is not partial.. but like a teacher, if the student comes forward to get personal instruction from the teacher and gives the teacher gifts.. naturally that teacher will recriprocate more with that student. Its the same concept. But Hes not partial.

      Hare Krishna.


  • Hare Krishna Shobana mataji

    Iam sorry if I have hurt you but as I have clarified that my intention wasn't to hurt you and I also do not take any offence from a bhakta.I have said that I accept what you have said mataji and respect your views. You are absolutely right gender differences are there only at the material platform and has got nothing to do with spiritual progress.

    However, What I wanted to say is that women are 'Delicate' and not weak, either physically or any other way, I hope you would understand the difference between the two words and what they connote.

    Again sorry if I sounded wrong to you in any way.. forgive me as an ignorant child.

    your servant
  • Hare Krsna, Krsna favours all his obidient and attentive children.
    • Yes Gaurab Saha Prabhu..

      But their are direct statements in the Vedas that Krishna will protect women. I cant place them.. but I remember them. I think that is the meaning of Prabhus question. But we know anyone can worship Krishna.

      Wonderful verse though.

      Hare Krishna:)

  • Hare KRishna Prabhus
    There are a few places where Krishna explains how He gives more favor to women. I can not remember the verses at the moment. Yes Krishna loves all equally, But Krishna gives favor to different living entities,. Srila Prabhupada describes it is like with a teacher.
    The teacher loves all of their students, but the ones who make efforts to get the teachers association, serve the teacher, enquire from the teacher etc. Then that teacher recriprocates with them accordingly. She will give more favor to the attentive ones.
    So Sri Krishna is like that. Otherwise what is the point of us trying to get Krishnas mercy. He give more mercy and attention to those who worship Him with Love and devotion.
    But Krishna is compassionate to womenn. They are considered in general innocent compared to men.
    They do not in general have the capacity to discriminate as much as men do and can easily be exployted due to that.
    So Lord Krishna says women should be protected as well as children and animals, as they are all considered innocent.
    Women are in the positions of servants already. So they have a better chance of being humble to Krishna and want to serve Him. Where men in general are wanting to be like Krishna and be the enjoyer. Of course everyone in this material world want to be the enjoyer, but men are in that position and women are considered enjoyed. So it is only one step away for us to just durn our servatude to Krishna. We can practice by serving our husbands and families nicely in KRishnas service.
    I hope this answers your question. I hope some senior devotees have more light on this matter.
    Jaya Sri Krishna!
  • Hare Krishna

    Pranam Shobana Mataji...sorry do not misunderstand me , I respect you a lot but I would say .... Though I fully agree with you on the point that Krishna doesn't see any of his creations differently but I do not agree when you said 'Women are the weaker gender', it is a long standing misconception. we should rather say that women are more delicate and sensitive but she has got tremendous strength otherwise how can she tolerate the immense pain at the time of childbirth? How does she manage home and relationships with so much grace? She is emotionally also very strong cause' she has to undergo so many difficult situations in her life.

    But At the end of it I would say we all are equal for God...Sri Krishna.

    Hari Bol
    • Hare Krsna, I agree with both Shobana and Jaya Sri Radha has said here. Baktin gave a straightforward cut while Jaya Sriradha mtj has implored more spiritual examples. Humbly ask all devotees to kindly do not take offences during this discussion as these are meant to broaden our views only.
      Blessings seeked.
  • pursti marga vallabha samprday the think we woman are gopis, and sahjiya dressed him self as woman the think we can only attract krishna dressed like this, but krishna says in bhagvad gita just you engage your mind in my service,than not important r u lady or man animal like cow,monkey , peacock,the also dear to krishna, krishna love so much peacock that in his mukut he allways wear peacock feather and he love gomata also so much , if we are fully surrender and our heart is pure Krishna will love us
    pls forgive if anything offence y
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