Hare krishna,



             i understand krishna cares and respects female devotees more.

             becuase all intimate services like cooking for him,dressing for him,making garland for him,bathing him ....... all services realted to him they only do.they can play with chldrens in home,they can read books , chant anytime.they can do everyhting directly for krishna, even they get appreciation from everyone i am not jealous but want to confirm.

             please comment i think most of us are agree with me.in scriptures also krishna gives importance to his female devotees like mother yashoda, elderly gopis, kunti maharani,mother ahilya,gopis,Draupadi,kubja ......




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    • "just as rains promote vegetation but are not responsible for variety, Krsna promotes the all living entities but is not responsible for what they do" BhG 4.14 Purport. Krsna does not necessarily give the body, it is all based on your acquired karma.
      • That is true. That's what I was trying to say ;)
  • is it not more important to realise that all us spirits are women and Sri Krsna our only male?
    • Hare Krishna

      Beautiful thing said by you johan prabhu
    • Good reply Johan Prabhu. Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krishna,

    Yes, without women there can be no men as women gives birth. So women are important and should be respected by the men and be looked after properly.
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