hare krsna to all devotees..plz clear my doubt regarding below mentioned thing..
many a times we feel that in li/fe in spite of doing bhakti , every thing happens against us..we feel saad after this nd many times krsna doesnt answer our prayer...i sfeel sometime that whether can feel our pain or not????? why he take so much test of us .....

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        First of all we need to understand one thing correctly. A devotee never blames Krishna or for that matter any one at all for any of the situation in his life. When something that happens exactly opposite to what he has planned, he thinks that its due to his own past karma that he has to go throw this situation. In fact he even thinks that Krishna by his own sweet love for us, has made the suffering that was supposed to be of the size of a mountain to the size of a mustard seed!!!!! When something good happens in his life, he thinks that he is not really qualified to get such happiness but Krishna out of his love has awarded it to me. When one starts thinking in this way, there shall be no pain or pleasure in life. That is called austerity. Austerity is not only to tolerate pain but even to tolerate the joy.

        I received a SMS from one of my god brother and when ever I get some time depressed with something not going in my way, I contemplate on that and feel very relaxed. The message read like this - "When ever we ask for some thing to Krishna, Krishna has 3 answers, 1) Yes I heard it, 2) Wait and 3) I have BETTER plan for you". To be frank, if we contemplate on what happens after something that does not go  our way, we will see clearly that it happened for our own good. All what we need to have in the path of bhakthi is to have strong faith on Lord that he will protect me at all times and situation.

        Another very inspiring episode that we can remember at such situation is of that of Prahalad Maharaj. Prahalad was just a 5 year old boy and was tortured to unimaginable limits by his own father Hirayanakashipu. But still we see, Prahalad was always very blissful and never complained nor did even call Lord for help!!! Well this is very high level of bhakthi for us to try out but we should learn from such pastimes that Lord really protects us provided we are sincere.

        Bottom line is that we should practice devotional service very enthusiastically and when we are in trouble we should be even more enthusiastic. For example, say if you are chanting 4 rounds regularly, then in times of difficulty try to chant more than 4, lets say 6 or 8 if possible and pray to Lord intensely to give strength to pass through this situation.

        • harE krishNA !! my humble pranAms to krishnA and bhakthas

          Sudheendra prabhuji, very true. the SMS is very inspiring. If we look back into our lives, we can understand that every incident that was different than we wished/planned played their part in teaching us a lesson and made us believe in krishnA's power of love this day. Though we may feel shy or even forget to ask Him about our wish, He as the antaryAmi and paramAthmA, sure knows our heart's desires, and fulfills it at the right time though we may not always understand the manner, time and how it arrives.

          In loving service to krishnA and bhakthAs,


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        Hare Krsna P
        humble obeisances
        I have heard from senior and sincere devotees that Krsna knows far better than us what is good for us than us. So He will give us what is good for us and may or may not give us what we want. There is this story related to this.
        Once one person desperately asked God " Please give me a flower and a butterfly" . He was very very desperate.
        God heard his prayers and gave him a caterpillar and a cactus plant. He was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        But in due course of time that caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly and from that cactus came out a very beautiful flower. Please trust me, if you insist with your desire, then Krsna may fulfill it also and let you take responsibility for your Bhakti. This is what happened in one case in shashtras. Please dnt feel I am comparing your situation with that situation(King Pururava), just mentioning an example that Krsna may fulfill your desire depending upon your sincerity.
        If you are extremely sincere then Krsna will give you something far more than what you want.He gave Dhruv Mahraj what Dhruv Mahraj wanted and also love of Godhead, though Dhruv Mahraj did not want the kingdom later after getting love of Godhead.
        Regarding the tests you are talking, there is another story. One person was asked by God to try to roll up a stone up the hill. He desperately tried for days together and could not. It went on for months and he could not move it a bit.Then he asked God, why did u ask me this, when you knew I won't be able to do it.God replied" I asked you to try, not to move, now see your muscles. You have become so strong."
        Hope this helps
        Please forgive me if my words in any way offend or hurt.

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          My humble obeisances Rakesh Roshan Prabhu,

          thank You for Your nice reply!

           if we have some desire and we are shy to ask from Krishna but we need our desire to come true then do You think He will fulfill it even though we do not request Him? 

          For example, Dhruva Maharaja asked and got. But if we do not ask and hope that Krishna knows what is better for me then will He consider  something about that wish? 

           i think even material wishes we have to ask from Him. Because i do not see anyone who can help.

          in the other hands i am afraid again and again ask Krishna something because when He does not fulfill it then i really suffer. Very painful. 

          Thank You! Your servant, 

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