hare krsna to all devotees..plz clear my doubt regarding below mentioned thing..
many a times we feel that in li/fe in spite of doing bhakti , every thing happens against us..we feel saad after this nd many times krsna doesnt answer our prayer...i sfeel sometime that whether can feel our pain or not????? why he take so much test of us .....

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    In such like difficulties intelligent ones turn to Krishna more intensely but those who are not go to smoking and drinking.
    These difficulties increase our attachment to Krishna by decreasing our hope and attachment to this world.
    Your servant,

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      Hare Krsna Maral mataji
      HUmble obeisances

      " if we have some desire and we are shy to ask from Krishna but we need our desire to come true then do You think He will fulfill it even though we do not request Him? "
      If the desire is so strong that if you do not fulfill it then your devotional service is getting disturbed or while doing your normal services and Krsna conscious activities also, you think of that desire or things like this are happening then the only solution is to beg from Krsna for the desire to get fulfilled but simultaneously do pray that your devotional service does not get affected due to this. Krsna does know better than us about our needs in Bhakti but we should pray for our own purification, prayers are never in vain. Atleast you are praying to Krsna, that is so good. Yes, it is so very true that for our material wishes also, we have to fall at His Lotus Feet and beg for it. Once taken His shelter, He is the only shelter, so truly no other option. :) :) :)

      If you ask again and again, and He does not fulfill it, I guess , He is testing your sincerity.If you really so much want this desire of yours to be fulfilled, you will keep on asking, try your best,put on sincere endeavors and leave it to Krsna to fulfill it. I myself have a desire which I have been begging . :(  so I can understand the pain when the desire is not fulfilled.
       But HHRNSM says about Srila Prabhupada and so many other great examples in our shashtras.Srila Prabhupada, I am sure you know the whole story, how he has extabilished this huge movement.Was it possible? But you see the results now.
       Then there is that story of the bird who lost her eggs in the ocean and she decided to dry up the ocean with her beaks.Was it possible? How much water she could carry in her beaks? and what was her lifetime. But she was sincere, she will do it. Then the king of birds, Garuda was pleased by her sincerity and asked the ocean to return her eggs and they were returned. :) :)
      Faith can move mountains.
      These are not my words.These all I have heard in lecture and trying to practise in my life.Please do hear the lecture" Failures are stepping stones to success" by HHRNSM.
      With blessings of Vaishnavas, Krsna and sincere endeavor , everything is possible.

      "In such like difficulties intelligent ones turn to Krishna more intensely but those who are not go to smoking and drinking.
      These difficulties increase our attachment to Krishna by decreasing our hope and attachment to this world."
      This is perfectly true.
      Please forgive me if my words were offending or hurting in any way.

      Your servant,

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    Difficulty is subjective. Something that you and I feel is very difficult may be very easy for some one else. For a child of class 1, the difficulty may be to remember the tables from one to ten. For a engineering student, it could be trigonometry.  However, the same person when crosses the situation, will see the same task as something very simple. Taking the same example, the student in class 1 when gets promoted to class 2, looks at the tables of one to ten as something very easy. But now he has a different task that looks as difficulty.

    The point I want to make here is that pain and pleasure in this world is temporary. It does not remain for long. If we learn to tolerate it, it will pass by soon. There has to be test at every level so that we get purified and qualify to go back home back to Godhead. Just like in our academics, a class 1 student is not given a problem of class 2, even in spiritual life, Krishna gives us the test of the level we are situated in. If we are determined in what is the goal of our life, we can easily pass the test. If we are not clear on the goal or if we are not determined on achieving that goal, it seems difficult to pass the test.

    From my own experience, what I have seen is that the anarthas trouble us more than ever before after we start practicing Bhakthi. For example, we feel controlling lust, anger, envy, greed, attachment etc are very difficult and when we see some one who is not practicing is very peaceful!!! The real fact behind this is, Maya devi is very much concerned to test a devotee for his purity and sincerity than to go and trouble a non devotee because a non devotee is always with Maya and is her servant and she has no threat from them. But a devotee declares a open challenge to Maya devi when we take to the process of devotional service.

    The solution what Krishna gives to Arjuna in Bhagavadgita is to tolerate such pain and pleasure in life and to concentrate on the goal of life which is to go back home back to Goloka Vrindavan.

    hari bol

    • thank you prabhu ji for reply...but only one thing i am not able to undestand that many thing we feel important  and we require it at the most but some thing unexpected happened...and we are left with nothing..and conditions of our life becomes more tough and tough and this indirectly hampers our bhakti also...which i never wanted to get affected but many time we feel sad about plans of krishna..so what to do in that situation...

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