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Hare Krishna,

I have found conclusive answers for not eating onion , garlic and mushrooms but this one floors me.I end up giving the only reason which  I heard-'eating masoor dal is considered equivalent to eating meat'. Is this true? can someone plz provide a valid reason for this.

Thanks in advance

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      • Volunteer

        One can eat carrots.

        No mention of not eating carrots mentioned by Prabhupada.

        Its the Alium family of veges to be avoided like onions, scalllions, garlic, shallots...

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna, Dipti ji. Pranam.

        In the purport to Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya-lila 4.169, it is written: "Masura dhal and urad dhal are also considered nonvegetarian. These two dhals contain a great amount of protein, and food rich in protein is considered nonvegetarian."

        During caturmasya there is a one-month fast from urad dhal but can be taken other eleven months of the years. Masura dhal is mainly for Muslims and is not eaten by devotees at all.

        Hare Krishna.
        • Volunteer

          Masoor dal for Muslims? Where does it say that? In the Vedas or Kuran?

          Sorry, noticed I am replying to an old post

      • Hare krishana
        Because this is not written in Bhagwat Gita. So I think that is a false Story. Which says in hindi MANGHDANT KTHA. We have to not eat the onion or garlic because after eating it smells from out mouth that was not liked by other persons who are listning to us. So carrots is vegatable and mansoor dal is also a vegetables. We must no eat only meat. But onion and garlic are also vegitable. These are very good for out health Aurveda Science says this.
        Hare krishan to every one.
        • Volunteer
          Onions and garlic are medicine and should be used in that capacity only. If Ayurveda Science says that, then you must eat only when you have the disease for which onion or garlic is a cure. Not otherwise.
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