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    Hare Krishna!!! Krishna is supreme anandamaya person.. Anandamayo 'bhyasat: "The Absolute Truth is anandamayo by nature" He is full of bliss.Krishna's smile is continuous flow of that supreme bliss that crusehs countless other ras by its forceful flow. It is uncontrolled,involuntary.It is flowing out with exultation;it is full of nectarine prem. He is smiling everytime, even while killing demons. He is 'Bliss' personified.

  • Ask yourself. Isn't a smile enchanting?

    A smile can help in so many ways.

    It is attractive and Krishna is all attractive!

    It helps to dissipate the woos of the loved ones and give them reassurance.

    It can bewilder the opponents.

    However that doesn't mean it is perpetually there on Lord Krishna's face for he can exhibit all the transcendental emotions including fear and anger.

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    Hare Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Krishna is para-Brahman and nature of him is "sat-chit-ananda" . sat- eternal, chit-consciousness, ananda-always joyful or blissful. So the smiling face of Krishna is exhibiting the ananda-blissful aspect of Brahman in his orginal position.

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  • Because Lord is Atmarama. Also because he's always in the mood of "the Supreme Enjoyer".

    And he charms everyone with his all attractive, all knowing, enchanting smile & our stone like heart finally melts...<3 <3

    Haribol Priyanka Mataji!!! Very nice discussion although started way back.

  • Very nice question and discussions by all devotees. Making readers Krishna conscious, thanks all

  • Krsna is smiling so that we can all have this discussion. He even continues to smile at us while we have this discussions. So many very nice comments. Some philosophical, others more in the mood of love and devotion. All are such wonderful comments.
  • Because he sees my monkey like activities
  • My undestanding is

    Krishna showing Sthithapragnatha by his face to all humanbeings.
    He wants all the people should follow this

    Whatever the situation it is, you have to go in progress with Krishna Chaitanyam

    Hare Krishna
  • Because He is always having FUN!!!
  • This He does for various reasons like :
    1st Reason : It is said that during the Mahabharata War the opponent side kauravas would get bewildered when they used to see Krishna's smiling face and used to forget to target there weapons at Arjuna. This helped Arjuna a lot.
    (Ref : Mahabharata)

    2nd Reason : Krishna especially wants to give pleasure to Gopis of Vrndavana. Hence His smile not only enchants them but it gives tremendous transcendental pleasure to Gopis.(Ref : Teachings of Lord Caitanya)

    Correction in the question :

    1) It is not that Krishna is "always" smiling. Sometimes he "cries" also( as in the case of Damodar Lila where He became fearful of Mother Yashoda and tears became to flow from His eyes. (Ref : Damodarastakam Verse-1 )

    2) Secondly Krsna can do both the things simultaneously that are "apparently" opposite ( Smiling & Crying ). That is definition of God.

    This is my understanding.
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