• Yes correct mataji...

          • As long as there is material body, pain will be there. But a devotee tolerates it and carries on with his spiritual duties with determination. Whereas a non-devotee runs away from his duties. Thats the only diffference. Thats why in Gita krishna says:

            BG: " Sukha dukha same krtva labha alabhau jaya ajayau .." .. It means pains and pleasure keeps coming. A devotee becos of his spiritual advancement has got the spiritual power to tolerate it.

            Dont just base ur understanding based on theoritical book knowledge. Conclusion is finalized when we closely associate with parama vaishnavas and when they share their experiences with us. Thanks

  • Hare Krishna agtsp..
    Lords dealings with His devotees are always glorious.Externally it looks different.For example cat catches its enemy rat as well as its baby there is lot of difference in that.
  • If we accept that devotees have no 4 fold miseries, we must say that prahlada never suffered, Christ never crucified, prabhupada still present with youthful body with us, Tamal Krishna goswami never have faced that accident..
    Yes bodies of acharyas are not material, but even they who are above karmic reaction suffer the karmic reactions of their disciples thats why a disciple must keep his vows strictly to don't let his master suffer.
    • one living entity cant ever blame onother for his karmic reactions,

      otherwise,low of karma would be injustice.

      we harvest what we plant.

      low of action and reaction is perfect low of justice and sri yama is a perfect judge.

      anyway ,comparing to others ,devotee of lord is always protected when bad karma comes,

      thats why devotees like prahrada maharaja or sri haridasa dont have any fear.

  • all universe is god property ,bodies of non devotees and devotees to,

    but only difference is that god protects  his devotees from material miseries and let those to suffer who are not.

    this is one of many reasons why everybody should become devotee of lord.

    everyday many non devotees in all religions are cured from god,

    because their prayers in helpless positions with little faith.

    what to talk about those who are completely surrendered to lord.

  • The special living being concept is baseless.all living beings are but expansions of Krishna.yes he is special to his devotees but that don't means that devotees have no disease, death etc.and thinking so is ridiculous.
  • To have an idea how devotees suffer please refer Srimadbhagavatam, 10.88.8 purport by srila prabhupada.being a devotee is not a guarantee to escape disease! If one imagine so he is in mayas trap that his belongings are insured by krishna! What is yours to get insured! Isnt your body also his property!and by thinking so one may offend many pure devotees who suffered a lot with pleasure though materially were suffering...Hari bol!
    • SB 10.88.8The Personality of Godhead said: If I especially favor someone, I gradually deprive him of his wealth. Then the relatives and friends of such a poverty-stricken man abandon him. In this way he suffers one distress after another.
      (thats means he suffers from distress or  extreme anxiety, sorrow, of loosing everything and everyone)
      (not from illness or disease )
      SB 10.88.9 When he becomes frustrated in his attempts to make money and instead befriends My devotees, I bestow My special mercy upon him.
      (making money is nothing positive on the spiritual path to lord.)
      (thats why devotees of lord living in poverty )

  • thinking that devotee of lord are just humans like others, can be just in a joke story.

    devotees of lord are special living beings with special protection from the god.

    others can just dream about it.

    when god protects his devotee ,even death himself cant approach ,

    what to talk about disease ?

    even non devotee with little faith in god can be cured from disease,

    what to talk about  someone with devotion.

    god is best doctor, best friend, best father and mother, best guru, and lover to.

    thats why he is the best person in the universe.


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