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 Is there anything that we can do to remove poverty,starvation deaths and other material problems in india that are there from many years. How can we progress materially so that we can practise spiritual activities peacefully with concentration.


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  • Presently Indians are seated in the seat of knowledge,they have grown up with stories of Mahabharata,sita ramachandra,radhakrishna and lord nityananda and lord caitanya as their birthright and blessings.hence bharatavarsh or India is not meant for clamouring after material desire in the form of profit adoration and distinction.it is meant for perfecting ones life by performing tapasya hence ideally devotees are meant to develop braminical aspirations.atleast serve the brahmans and vaisnavas.idians though are receiving huge reactions because they are developing the aspirations for drinking alcohol,having illicet sex,aborting and killing babies,while becoming expert at stealing everything that belongs to bhagavan.hence the material nature mother Durga is fulltime attacking the miscreants in India because now her population is generally intent on fostering the habits of hogs and dogs.India is meant for spiritual advancement hence material advancement is not encouraged by Krishna because generally we become forgetful of Krishna,his satisfaction when we are after satisfying our own selfish desires.
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      my humble obeisances Prabhuji,

      It is true that in India it is very easy to perform austerities and study Vedas. For example, here whether is not so cold or too hot so in this way if one does not even have house he may live outside under the trees...take bath in cold water...

      And still here are so many moral principles are remained which pleases heart. for example, here we find that in the buses and trains women and men have separate coaches, sides. Most of Indian ladies cover their bodies in the mode of goodness, no mini skirts...almost none of them drink or smoke...And they worship to God, or at least to Demigods.

      And most of them are vegetarians. In this way India is still very strong and did not fully degraded.

      But just this pride may cover their spirituality and make them blind.

      THE PRIDE OF BEING INDIAN AND HAVING VEDAS...BEING PURE...VEG...this pride is very dangerous.

      And when that pride comes Lord can not tolerate it and He will attack them through His external energy Maya Devi. In this way one will loose intelligence and think that bad things of western countries are best things.


      Bharata Maharaj says to king Rahugana "what  is the use of thinking that you are king and i am servant? it might happen that i will be a king in the next life and you will be my servant. in this way what is the use?"

      It so happened that westerners took birth in those countries and unknowingly committed so many sins but it might happen that some day that westerner will take birth in India and the Indian will take birth in western country and commit sin. 


      Better thing is not to criticize each other and not loosing time to help each other forgetting what happened in the past. 

      Past is gone! Gone! gone! No need to touch already bleeding skin.

      Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Paras Ramdev Prabhu,


    Nice quotation of SB for remembering me something nice. Thanks! But I couldnot understand its relevancy in present topic in this thread. Please establish specific link to understand solution of this question of discussion.

    Your servant,


    • haribol,

      Pardon my ignorance Prabhu Bhaktavtsal Das Ahikary, I was thinking of the main topic rather the thread as why some may say India has become Materially backward, to me it still the greatest place to be, please accept my humble apologies,


  • haribol, this is something taken from the puport of SB 1.5.11

    While preparing this commentation on this particular stanza of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam we have a crisis before us. Our neighboring friend China has attacked the border of India with a militaristic spirit. We have practically no business in the political field, yet we see that previously there were both China and India, and they both lived peacefully for centuries without ill feeling. The reason is that they lived those days in an atmosphere of God consciousness, and every country, over the surface of the world, was God-fearing, pure-hearted and simple, and there was no question of political diplomacy. There is no cause of quarrel between the two countries China and India over land which is not very suitable for habitation, and certainly there is no cause for fighting on this issue. But due to the age of quarrel, Kali, which we have discussed, there is always a chance of quarrel on slight provocation. This is due not to the issue in question, but to the polluted atmosphere of this age: systematically there is propaganda by a section of people to stop glorification of the name and fame of the Supreme Lord. Therefore, there is a great need for disseminating the message of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam all over the world. It is the duty of every responsible Indian to broadcast the transcendental message of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam throughout the world to do all the supermost good as well as to bring about the desired peace in the world. Because India has failed in her duty by neglecting this responsible work, there is so much quarrel and trouble all over the world. We are confident that if the transcendental message of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam is received only by the leading men of the world, certainly there will be a change of heart, and naturally the people in general will follow them. The mass of people in general are tools in the hands of the modern politicians and leaders of the people. If there is a change of heart of the leaders only, certainly there will be a radical change in the atmosphere of the world. We know that our honest attempt to present this great literature conveying transcendental messages for reviving the God consciousness of the people in general and respiritualizing the world atmosphere is fraught with many difficulties. Our presenting this matter in adequate language, especially a foreign language, will certainly fail, and there will be so many literary discrepancies despite our honest attempt to present it in the proper way.


  • Hare krishna Narender kumar Singhla,

    your answer is absolute right, but it cannot apply exactly in this question. Great respected kunti maharani ji was one of pure devotee at that time even among very few devotee relay know that Krishna is god himself. So this is very standard pray. But at present in India majority of people have been starvated(? is this correct word ?)due to their bad karama only. r first preferance only roti not bhajan! To save all this type soul we should establish ideal social system of "Davya Varnasramadharma" to avoid their exploitation due to modern mis directed civilization's destructive mentalities.In this way simalteniously they will elevated step by step towards spiritual direction and ultimately one day they will become a devotee. Otherwise present situation there is almost no any chances to persuade them in this direction. This is our, as a ISKCON body( we are real representative of God in this era) duty to facilitate this ideal platform.

  • HareKrishna prabhuji


    Once Lord Hari, KRISHNA asked to his BHUA KUNTI, "ask for anything and i will offer that same thing however it may be position of god Brahama or position of god Indra". But KUNTI replied, "hey, Lord KRISHNA, if in reality you want to give me something then give me a life full of miseries , problems, sorrows and tears." Although LORD HARI, knows each & every thing but still after listening the BHUA KUNTI's demand he asked that aunt everyone demands for happiness and you are demanding sorrows why??
    then aunt KUNTI replied, " if i will be in tears they i can remember you from the deep of my heart because in happiness the level of remembrance of your name is not that much high as it should be. "


  • India is suffering from poverty and according to my little understanding  inefficient and selfish Govt, illiteracy and growing population (these 3 reasons/problems  in the descending order) are responsible for prevailing poverty in India despite so many Govt programmes  for eradication of poverty. First the material poverty should be eradicated and then only problem of spiritual poverty should be addressed as a hungary man can't chant God's name. The above 3 reasons should be addressed in the same descending order and for this only educated citizens of India have to take initiative.Eradication of poverty is a very difficult but not impossible task.

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