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In Chaityna Mahaprabhu time, Why in Gauriya Vaishnava some devotees had long hair and some of them were shaved headed? Though from Prabhupada time, all are shaved headed but previously some Vaishnava had long hair. (For reference, please see pictures in the beginning of Prabhupada books.)

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  • when we keep hair ,we take much time to dress ourselves and dedicate less time In devotional service ,So it is advised that one should keep pleat(shikha) only

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    When Sanatana Goswami came to Jagannatha Puri to meet Lord Chaitanya he was having long beards and hair. So Lord Chaitanya told to shave up. 

    It says that Lord Chaitanya loves when Devotees shave up their heads. Hair attracts women, it makes man look handsome. So those who want to have peaceful mind should shave their hair keeping only shikha.

    Lord Chaitanya showed an example Himself to us. 

    Your servant, 

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