why God tolerates sinful demoniac activities?

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I've been looking forward to ask this question for quite a long time.
Krishna, the Supreme personality of Godhead, He is  the cause of all causes,and  everything emanates from Him.
In one BG lecture as Srila Prabhupada, was explaining , from one(single whole) God became many because he wants to enjoy with many.
Now, when the spirit conditioned souls like us, we commit demoniacactivities, launch attack on the innocent how God could still getpleasure and he is still tolerating so much offences and sinfulactivities? cow-killing (Supreme Lord is Govinda, how can he tolerate such activity?),religious sins,and all other sinful activities...
He is the controller of everything,why couldnt he just make it work just like the way it pleases him?
No sinful activiuties by anyone, everyone engaged in loving devotional service of the Lord and is eternally trying to please Lord and becoming happy and blissful in return.
Why does he let demoniac activities to take place at the first place?

I would be greatly pleased if anyone kindly shares their valuable thoughts and realization on this question.

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  • Good Question....

    Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji

    I think it may be because God wants to give us free will (did not make us robots) and he likes it when we Love Him without him asking for Our Love. God is within everyone and he is everywhere. So we are to Love all things equally and with equal respect without divisions between people, nation, Gods.... All things God made are His property all Gods words regardless how he communicated it to all religions must be true? He had to speak it many times in many ways to make himself understood... But it seems complex and we are still in same place.

    All things God made are Good and it is how we see things and interpret sometimes then we make it bad, we need to become like children and innocent to good and bad. We are not perfect so we cannot see that all things made by God are Good. We need to look at our own activities and make changes to ourselves we are able to control our actions and not other peoples (each person has KC and supersoul within them, hence the God is supreme controller) and then slowly people in the world will become good.

    If God gives to Good people and Bad people the things they need to survive then we are not to make judgements to our brothers. If people are bad to other people then they are hurting themselves and not the person they think they are attacking/hurting in demonic way. God is protected from our bad behavior so he is smiling. If we stop hurting ourselves (which happens every time we hurt others) then we will all be grown ups and not children who keep falling and crying in karmic cycle.

    We are spiritual beings experiencing false illusion/maya through our thoughts which creates all this material world, it does not really exist. We will all become good when we wake up to become Krishna Conscious.

    Hare Krishna
  • good question the oldest one man has again and again asked this question it is like staying in a room lockng all the windows and telling it is dark while sun blazing out in all its glories during the daytime similarly man is to blame for all the wrong happening to him or mankind so it is not Lord mistake he gave freedom we should try to go back to him that is why ISKCON is trying to fill the gap
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      Mataji, its hard to read capitals, especially if you have a lot to say. Hope you are not offended. Hare Krishna
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