• Do not force yourself

    take MINI STEPS

    start by eating Prasadam......... taste it and enjoy it

    Afterwards, dance to the Harinam Kirtan, be in teh flow and be blissful

    afterwards start reading simple books....... best ones are by Radhanath Swami - The Journey Home, SoulWise

    Afterwards listen to simple lectures/talks ... best ones are Gaur Gopal Prabhu

    Afterwards............ nothing will stop you being attracted to Krsna


  • To purport my-own statement I ment to imply that Krishna's lack of limitations makes it difficult to predict contain, or otherwise know &or understand Him fully. Therefore trust as well as submission is in order as well as an deliberat opening of the Heart region is called for. Keep-Faith earn-truthfully,& serve consistency
    Give thanks-
    A,D.L. "allDay-long
    A wise man once said
    "We never Lose we win or
    We learn." GoodLuck! Everyone
  • Krishna is beyond borders
    Energetically & Physically & intalectuely. There for it is (by reflecting) our disposition & attitudes towards Him (for the most-part), is how our proximity to Him is determined. So just to serve is/being our natural & eternal relationship is/does not a Great impression make. I.e. atheist by affirming "there is no God" create that situation for themselves because Krishna compiles with their expectations. So one who is be leaving & seeking & believing & wanting "their God to be Krishna " Should affirm that & give thanks often for all, Victories great & small to Krishna knowing Him to be the root of all of life's forces! As bk. Jake said ask for what you want and act as if you mean it/Be sincere. P.s. Free Will comes with options with those comes free choice hence no one knows, what yours will be if you don't make your 's clear? This is my understanding! Glorious is your endeavor good luck, & chant purely as then, your taste will also be pure Perama-Love- BackStaight, time beads only rt-Lt.-& keep the joints tight & when possible eyes kept on Krishna starting slow & low everyday! GL-)
    Ji-Bhk Jake & all Bhaktees everywhere for all time because no cause can be more worthy.
  • If you are not attracted by Sri Krishna you would not read, hear or chant about Him.

  • Hare Krishna prabhuji.

    Pray. Ask Krishna and Radha:

    Please my sweet Krishna, please increase the size of my heart so that I can love you more. I have no attraction, no love for you now, for I am so fallen; please help me Krishna, guide me on the path that leads to your lotus feet.

    Then meditate on your heart chakra. Feel it filling with the energy of Krishna that he so mercifully and lovingly gives to everyone all the time. Krishna gives his love freely, so when you get better at realizing how much he loves you, you will naturally feel thankful and trust in him, and then your love will grow.

    But when your love grows, treat it well or it will whither like a flower you forgot to water. Love requires constant attention so it's not like one day you will wake up and not have to water the flowers anymore. The bigger your love grows, the harder you have to work to maintain it. But Krishna will help you if you ask.
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