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    Initiation means- Bona fide Guru promises that he will take the disciple to Spiritual world and disciple from his side promises that he will follow some (4 regulative principles) rules and chant the Holy Names 16 rounds.

    It means we take responsibility. Only by taking responsibility we will achieve something.

    We can not reach Spiritual world by ourselves. It is like we are in the middle of the ocean. And only someone who is out from the ocean can help us. Not who is in the ocean himself. Because of that we need BONA FIDE Guru. Who is already out from this ocean and nicely connected with Parampara which comes directly from Krishna.

    As like rope. By taking shelter of Guru we catch the rope of Guru Parampara and get out from this ocean.

    It is not an offense to ask such like questions and clarify doubts on time. 

    Your servant, 

  • The spiritual master is the direct representative of God and his most confidential servant.

    In a sense there is no difference between them.

    By serving the spiritual master one can advance on the spiritual path.

  • Here Krishna,

    Thanks Rhoit prabhu,

    I am sorry, I know i am doing Aparadh by Questioning for spiritual master but I have to clear my heart to serve him butter please pray Krishna and Guruji Maharaj for me , May I come to know there is lot of devotees in ISKCON we can learn him, why there is need for INITIATION.

    Sorry once again prabhuji,

    Hare Krishna


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