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The lord created the universe ok? So assuming that, we leave in a galaxy that contains 100 billion planets, then there are billions of galaxies in our universe, then there are billions of universes. So we're smaller than a grain of sand in the biggest beach in the world, yet for some reason he decided to create us in one tiny planet, why? What are all the other planets for? Yes there probably is life on other planets but we don't know for sure and what kind of life either.

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Hare Krishna. The very purpose of the creation of all material universes is to house the living entities who wished to enjoy separately from Krishna. As such, there is not a single unit of space not occupied by the jivas in materials bodies. Whether we can make sense of what kind of life it is, is entirely irrelevant.

Hare Krishna.

If I may humbly point out, the unfortunate underlying assumption in your thought process is that the conclusions reached by man through his limited senses and empirical studies represent the actual situation of the universe. 

What is a more accurate representation of the universe around us is the information available to us in the shashtras. I should have included scriptural references in my original answer, but nonetheless here is an excellent article by Srila Prabhupada which should clear your doubts on this matter - click here.

The Lord created everything for His pleasure, therefore souls  entered material bodies to serve  for that purpose.  

It is says that ''Out of fear of Him the wind blows, the sun shines and the rain pours the  showers''. All the planets in the Universe is perfectly under His control, because He is the ultimate master of everything and everyone. 

Sri Brahma is actually not creator, because soul  is not doer, just observer of material activities. The doers of material activities are three gunas of material nature, and they are perfectly under control of Supreme Lord.

Lord Krishna clearly explained that Absolute Truth in Srimad Bhagavatam, and everyone who  follows it, consider to be in true parampara.

May be, the purpose is to make competition of doing bad things and ask a stupid questions. The winner, probably will be the person, who did the less bad things and asked just a few stupid questions.

We exist it is said, to sasheate our curiositys as to Three questions. As to "Who we are, Who God is & What is nature, as well as what is our eternal constitutional position with God and within nature. I guess thatcs four questions. However,It is in this way we find our way hear. This is what thought by ISKCON'S Presenters of our truthful state of mentally that brought our spirit soul to this place. Amen?
Also according to the teachings of ISKCON we exist for the perpus of coming to the *correct understanding, that we are in need of God's support & compassionte mercy. In order to succeed a in this life. For our own protection from the inherent dangerous elements of wickedness & jealousy & ignorance that are present in and all around us, do to our & there falsely identifying to closely with the less evolved & spiritually developed souls/beings do to habits such as meat eating & other formes of attachments like family & customs & sentimentality & such. Indeed & Krishna admits to placing & allowing obsticicals to be placed in our path of progress! So intent is He upon seeing us realize Hi's desire to see us return to Him, back home back to our orragins in Vikuntah in the spiritual Sky.
Where repeated birth & death & misery & sepperation do not exist any longer! Hence It is a correct understanding that Krishna is regulating one's progress for us-independently above & beyond our own will desire or even the qulity of any sacrifices or offerings we may perform. Hence it is SomeTimes' stated that" Man's perposels are God's disposals."
ISKCON also informs us that if an activity wr are intrested in, is not- of much interest to God/Krishna, that endever or Our success towards acomplishing a great longjevaty of success in such an indever is offten Short-lived"
As can often be witnessed in life when our personal- ambition to accomplish a/some particular goul or
desire or form of success seems thorted in spite of our personal will power being fully invested or our best & most carefully thought-out & well layed out plans are unable to bear satisfactory fruits. I.e. The more in-line with & /in service to Krishna our success plans are with Krishna's pleasher & desiers the greater the chances are that they will be met by a lasting & more opulent success. This is my understating from ISKCON'S
Precepters & achareas. Which was of comfort to me when I needed understanding as to why even my most attentive chanting was apparently failing to produce my desiered fruits. And an Understanding of Krishina's own Nature was helpful for me to achieve inner peace & reconciliation! And for that reasion I share their teachings with you hear. Krishna Hay"
& because the question was
"Why do we exzist hear"?
Re-cap* We are hear to- realize Accept & submit to the realities that we are not alone within this creation,-that we need supierer authorities to accompany & support us on our jerny twords this understating, that we need/require God& Hi's energies & accompany ing awareness & favorable support to be successful in all aspects of life. I.e.- our life-plans *need to be fortified by more inclusiveness & a greater alliance with the will & deasers of the Head God. Like children of the creation we have veary little authority within it without the direct support of our parent(s). -
The GodHeads.
To understand/realize that is why this external soul has inherited this temporary form, which is' of a little value as a a pair of shoes that is, without the good consle & association of Krishna-God & or the teachings of Hi's represinatives. IT is time for us as Visnaves & individual souls to Accept & practice a greater degree of inclusion of the redeeming qualities The GodHead's energies, awareness & support! Without which this physical lifeTime & body "will *certainly-have, a negative karmic reaction(s) such as a visit to Hellish worlds or a (demotion) to a/the lesser life form(s)! ?
This is the understanding & teachings of ISKCON. An opportunity to educate & eradicate the doubtful- & ignorant mind's Conditioning thrugh "directly perceiving & experiencing the quality of God's awareness & nature. I.e. Thrugh this expereincel knowledge, that Probupodda & ISKCON is providing, our minds will be liberated & cleared of any missgivings and doubts as to our potentials (with God.)


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