Hare Krishna, Prabhujis and Matajis.

I have seen some of ISKCON Devotee and Brajavasi don't use their index finger for taking Prasadam.

I am also trying to follow that but I don't know why not to use the index finger while taking Prasadam.

Please tell me about it.


Hare Krishna,


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  • Hare Krishna,

    Index finger denotes ahamkara ( ego).  When you are feeling you are great and other person is faulty that time what do you do?

    You show the other person his faults and point out that with ur index finger. YOU are AT fault. don't you do?

    there is a saying in hindi.. when you point a finger at others the 3 fingers left out are pointing at you. look at ur hand observe this..isn't it?



    click on the image and check zoom it. .. what is the person doing in that picture..

    He is pointing finger at other person doing " PAra Ninda"  

    When he says that to you what the other fingers are doing? notice.. they are emphasising on that.. check urself.. you are thinking about ur feelings, ur needs and Me.. ( it means you are giving importance to YOU FIRST).

    see what are the other fingers showing in that picture. the other fingers are doing.. 

    Look at the thumb direction? It is showing upwards right?

    It means you are questioning even the creator. Whenever you do PARA NInda remember that you are... giving importance to your ego and labelling others as fautly  and as well as saying God also at fault ( doing aparadh against God also).

    That is the reason when You go to a temple.. to curb this ego finger that Index finger and Form a AHAMKARA Mudra. 

    8147889870?profile=RESIZE_930xthis is ahamkaar mudra. It is how you take prasadam or thirtham the...

    that is the reason when you are chanting also you leave the forefinger or index finger out and never touch the japa mala with index finger.


    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna,

      Thank you for your wonderful explanation.

      Is it mentioned in Vedas not to use the index finger while taking Prasadam? and In Srila Prabhupada's Video Prabhupadaji is also taking prasad without avoiding the index finger so why do we avoid it?

      I have no other intention but just asking because while I am taking Prasadam by the following principle some ask me why you are not using the index finger and I couldn't answer clearly.

      Hare Krishna!

      • Basically..You have to hornor the prasadam and charnamrita prabhu..that is the rule.

        It may be external show off but internally if you are having respect and having humbleness when atleast taking prasadam and charnamrita it shows in your body language itself.

        I am not great to comment on great Acharyas but yes..Srila Prabhupada is a realized and humble, totally surrendered great saint. So..Even if he outwardly don't show off that but he knows clearly internally that It is prasadam and charanamrita and he humbly shugs down his shoulders and honors prasadam. You can observe clearly how his body language is when he is hornoring prasadam.

        Prasadam if its giving in a leaf bowl ... It should be taken with two hands like forming a cup or begging position .. that is the humblest way to hornor a prsadam.

        But as we are neophytes there are rules and regulations to be followed for us... not for realized souls.

        One must develop humbleness as if a begger is standing before lord while accepting and hornoring prasadam.

        If you go to south Indian temples there are even more rules for hornoring teertham ( charnamrita) but basically these rules only are to teach us that we must become a humble and accept Lord's prasadam like a servant getting some percious gift from the master.

        You may outwardly show off closing index finger but internally if you feel you are great and prideful. Its becomes a mere show off only.

        I don't know where it is mentioned this all.. but I know from my seniors and many archaryas they have told us the way to hornor prasadam even .. 

        rules and rituals are mentioned in the diety worship manual book. esp. the mudras.


        8224031473?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter you get initiated from a guru.. The Guru Maharaj will teach y...

        For hornoring Prasadam you need to be humble .. it maybe be practiced as outward ritual but you must develop a servitude attitude when horoning prasadam.

        If you taking charnamrita you must keep your left hand below the right hand and inbetween the two hands keep a cloth ( upper cloth ) and bow ur shoulders lower and humbly take it with folding index finger creating a small pit in the center of the palm. There are many more rules but rules are not all that important.. It is the bhavam.( your feeling when you take hornor prasadam) are you in a dasa position or you feeling I am superior? that counts a lot.

        Hare Krishna.

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