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    It is not correct to put cell phone and expose Tulasi devi to harmful microwaves from the cell phone.

    Money may have been touched by unclean hands. You dont want to know what kind of garbage can be found on top of money/notes when put under a microscope. This will make Tulasidevi mala dirty. There fore not advisible to carry money touched by unclean hands along with Tulasi Devi beads in the bead bag.

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    Actually for security reasons in many temples, the bags are not allowed (for eg in Chowpatty on Sundays), so to keep some lakshmi for buying Prasadam, devotees use bead bag's outer pocket. But, to be simple & focussed in sadhana (japa), I think keeping plain beadbags is a better idea, if other bags are allowed!

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      By other bags i meant small puch like bags that are available at the temple.

      I guess there should be no problems carrying them.. they r as small as the bead bags.

      But Bead bags are meant to be only for beads ... that is why we call them "Bead Bag"

      This was explained to me by my councilor.



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    No this is not at all Proper.
    Bead bag is only meant to keep the beads.
    This practise may be adopted by the devotees due to the latest types of Bead bags that are available with extra puch.
    But we are not suppose to keep anything except the beads in the bead bag.
    and therefore we must have the bag with no extra pouch also.

    Another small bag can be used to keep Mobile phones and cash. These bags are easily available at the temple Gift Shop.

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