Why Do Christians Try So Hard To Convert Others?

Hare Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Guru and Gauranga ,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Okay, earlier today my good friend for some reason she just started talking about the Gospel and all. That, I had no problem with, I just sat there and listened. But then she started saying things like "If anyone isn't a Christian, they will be sent to Hell" or "Everyone must except Jesus
Christ as their savior or perish forever because he is the only way." 

She explains that Jesus worked miracles, turned water into wine, made the blind see. I reply saying that I believe Jesus was a great man who tried to stand up against an oppresive Roman government. I said that I'm sure that Jesus helped many of the poor and sick. He gave them something to believe in, he gave them hope and raised their spirits, therefore "healing" many people. I say that the whole miracle thing was probably an exaggeration by one of the 40+ writers of the Bible, which was written over the course of 1500 years, and translated and re-translated numerous times.

Now this is where things went sour. I remained polite and said "No offense, I respect your belief but please do realise that you must do the same for other people too.It upset me a little because we are friends and I don't think that intolerance of opinions is part of a healthy friendship. If there is anyway to restore peace, what would be a good way of doing so? Besides i have already came across many chiristian who try so hard to convert others and sometimes they are even my own relatives..How should i react and what to do since i dont want to hurt them as well....

your servant,


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  • Dear Sonali,

    You can't reason with a bigot.  Hateful, vengeful people believe in a hateful, vengeful God.  Next time she preaches that way, just laugh, turn, and walk away.

    - Thomas

  • Dear Sonali,

    Same Experience i had with my room mate sharing the room in hostel and the day i started visiting the temple daily she started her prayers and saying loudly lord give me the courage to spread the message of christany and fell proud to be christant she even told me we will offer special pravers for your marriage. I told her its easy to get married but difficult to right person and i am very choosey and have high expectation in terms of True love that has come with in inside me due to Lord Kishna Bhakti and he Lord Krishna always supported me. Now she stopped.


  • The Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad, an ISKCON-affiliated group that looks after Hindu temples, said 47 temples have been destroyed in Bangladesh. Animesh Sarkar, an ISKCON representative in Dhaka, said Hindus in Bangladesh fear that “things will get much worse.

     What is the point of having temples when you are unable to protect it? What is the point of chanting the name of the Lord when you cannot protect your faith from being destroyed!

     From year 1000 till the arrival of British in the 1700, Hindustan was always amongst the top 2 in the world with the highest GDP, It had the culture, it had the scriptures, but it did not know how to protect itself from foreign invaders! These invaders came to Hindustan and looted and destroyed much of the culture and temples.


    Lord Krishna and Lord Rama fought evil; they did not let the evil get the upper hand! What are your thoughts on this??

  • O Siddhartha, a true Vaishnava to the end!

    Yes, it sounds pretty grand for one sacrifice.

    I remember that Shrila Prabhupada had said "These christians make a contract with Christ; You die for my sins and I will live as I like". He said that the problem with christians is that they do not do what Christ commands, His regulations; "they do not follow.."

    Again, now I speak as an Orthodox and as a Vaishnava.  In our tradition, our priests are Rittvik.  That is, when I joined the Orthodox Church,  my priest initiated me in the Name of Jesus, and I became a servant of Christ.

    So, in our tradition, my Chrismation (Initiation) was my fire-yajna.  I accepted the terms of Christ's teachings and Sacrifice.  His Crucifixion is a permanent fire-yajna in Time, to which any who wish to truly follow Him, may attach themselves.  In this way, anyone in the world who is burdened by sin, may find freedom in the protection of this Guru.

    Shrila Prabhupada said, "Anyone who believes in Jesus will be fine."  A very general statement, but as indicated above, 'if you follow..'. So, I follow His teachings.  I am not a perfect disciple, but earnest.

    Yes, animal slaughter has not stopped in the world.  But the Jews don't sacrifice animals for sin anymore.  Lord Buddha decried the Vedas in the name of stopping animal sacrifice by Hindus of a previous Yuga.  But that did not stop animal slaughter,  This is Kali-yuga.

    As for the true meaning of Christ's Crucifixion and Ressurection, we say this 'Hristos voskrese iz mertvih, smertiju smert poprav, i sushchim vo grodje zhivot darovav' {the slavonic is just to impress you :)  } -- "Christ is risen from the dead, conquering death by death, and bestowing life upon those in the grave".  Our faith comes from the realization that Jesus is the Word of God descended to us.  His Birth is just as important to us as His Life and His Teachings, and His Death and His Resurrection.

    Unlike the Fundamentalists, we look beyond the bloody-death sacrifice.  St. Peter and the Apostles thought everything had come to an end when Jesus was killed!  When Jesus Resurrected from the dead, and appeared before them, THEN came the REALIZATION that all He had said and taught about the Kingdom of God was true!

    This is the difference between one kind of christian and another.  Some take His cross and nothing else.  Some accept His sacrifice and follow His teachings.

    Well, I've gone on too long; and yet there is more to say.  Even I could tell you what almost every Christian sect perceives as important and not. But I will wait 'til more questions may come.

    In the end, for me, the cross around my neck is a symbol of my "fire-yajna". I identify His Sacrifce to be on my behalf, personally.  I rely on His teachings to personally take part in the Kingdom of God.  Of course, I am a Vaishnava, who believes in Shri Krishna, but I have traveled thru all of the churches from my youth, so my life has led me to His feet.  Feel free to visit my profile page, I have a link to my Google profile and a short bio.

    Anyway, NOW I have gone on too long.  I love fielding these questions, but there are so many christian sects, and so many angles that each of them hold to their Faith; So, I give you my perspective.  When asked I can give other perspectives as well.

    Gee, did I Promise short answers before??  Well, so much for that..LOL!

  •   Jaya Siddharta,

        There is a simple answer to your Question.

    When Jesus appeared, in that day, the Jews would Sacrifice a Lamb on an altar in the Temple, for the sins of the people.  They would kill the Lamb, trail is blood around the altar, and then burn it.  In this way God would accept the sacrifice and forgive the people's sins.   When Jesus came to earth, He was to become the Lamb of God. 

    In the culture of Christianity, it is recognized that Jesus would be the sacrifice that would replace all sacrifices.  Jesus's death put an end to animal sacrifice, since he was the Pure Lamb who was fit for Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of the Sins of the whole world.  You ask about the "inhumane" treatment and death.  Well, this is also part of the suffering that Jesus endured for Christians for their sins.

    So the cross is a symbol of victory.  A fit sacrifice for sin, for all who accept His way.

    These events in His life were given by prophecy in the Old Testament.  Jesus eluded to His sacrifice, which He knew was coming, and why He would do it.

     Now, in many churches, they hang the cross, even with Jesus on it.  Some have the cross with Jesus resurrected, dressed very nicely and looking heavenly (not nailed to the Cross).  Others use a plain cross, as a reminder of His willing sacrifice.

     In my Orthodox Church, we have the walls covered in mosaic pictures of 139 different stories of the Bible!  And, the Crucifixion is only one picture among many.

    Christianity appeared in a part of the world which was in great trouble.  That Jesus had a pasttime which required his death and resurrection to complete the task given Him by God, is unique to His journey and to the culture of the people that He was sent to save.

    PS>  In some churches, the sacrifice is everything.   In others, it is only one part of His Life, and the Lord's Supper is more important;  in my Church, our liberation is the Resurrection, when Jesus proved He was of God and that there was a life beyond this one.  Not all christian faiths are obsessed with the bloody-cross.  There are other aspects to some faiths that are equally important.

  • Hare Krsna

    Rankin Prabhu my warmest regards.

    No one except the Supreme Lord( The alpha and omega) knows Jesus that well, not even the so called Christians. 

    Peter disowned him and Judas who was very close betrayed him.

    It is recorded in Luke 34. Jesus said ," Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."(All the people who stood watching)

    It is said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. (No offences to those who have commented)

    It is best to refrain from commenting on this subject without a good study of the Bible, which is one of the revealed scriptures.

    Yet, it is only Krsna who truly knows Jesus and it is not vice versa. As declared by Krsna in Bhagavad Gita that he knows everyone but him no one knows. 

    • Hare Krishna Zola prabhu,

         Thank you for your comment.  I had hoped not to let this thread become a Christian subject forum.  But rather, a discussion to bridge the gap of understanding about the perceived Christian stereotype and the actual Original Christian Tradition.

      There are many valid points to be discussed to dissipate the stereotype of the modern day "christian".

      I am known among the Religious as knowledgeable, and would not dare state anything without firm knowledge. 1,000 years older even than the Roman Catholic Church, is the Orthodox, Father of the RC's. That is why I had joined this tradition. So, there may be things I say that no one has necessarily heard before.  As well, I was raised as a Missionary Baptist, and know the Fundamentalist Christians philosophy very well.

      I would be glad to answer your concerns (and anyone else's) privately thru IDT messages, so feel free to write me.

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