Purana and bhagwatam are written by ansh avaatar of shrikrishna,ved vyasa.But in different puranas ,supremacy of that god is given ,on which puranas are named,like in shiv purana-lord shiva is termed as supreme above lord vishnu and in devi bhagvatam,devi maa is said as supreme.in srimad bhagwatam,lord vishnu is said as supreme personality of godhead and lord siva ,devi maa is described as demi gods below the supreme shri krishna.

I, personally,love lord krishna and strongly believe that only he is the supreme personality but this fact confuse me why different purana tell differenat things regarding same thing when all the puranas are written by the same person, vyasa deva.

Is the puranas tampered with in kalyuga or something else is the reason?

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  • Hare Krishna, Ankit Jaiswal prabhu.

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-deva.

    Vyasadeva wrote in all his books,Puranas, Bhagvatam etc, that all the devi's and devta's are fully aware of the supremecy of Lord Krishna. Krishna was the supreme. That was a fact in Vyasadeva's books. Nobody, even the devi's and deva's dare to doubt that. And all the devi's and devta's accepted Krishna also that he was the Original Supreme Personality Of Godhead.  You can find this also in the nice comments of Gourab Saha prabhu.

    However, when Shankara acarya came, who was an incarnation of Shiva, starts to preach the mayavadi-filosify,ordered By Krishna, he start to preach that Krishna was not the supreme. Personally Shankara acarya knew that Krishna was the Supreme. So, after the rising of the mayafadi's, they start to write books, that were not in line with the books of Vyasadeva. In these books the mayavadi's were preaching that Shiva was the supreme god. Seeing this , the followers of Laxmi came with their own book, declaring that Laxmi mata was the supreme.

    So, by this you had a lot of books created in the moods. Those books telling that Krishna was not the Supreme, but Shiva (Shiva purana)was the supreme or Laxmi ( Laxmi purana)was the supreme and that these demigods could operate independly of Krishna, became degraded in the mood of passion and ignorance. And those books , declaring that Krishna ( Prabhupada's books) is the supreme were still in the mood of goodness, the same way Vyasadeva had wrote them.

    I hope this could answer your question. Otherwise if any devotee has any doubts,please i am begging you to correct me.

    Thank you so much.

    Radha Radha.

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    Hare Krishna, prabhuji, I hope Bhagavat Gita is the perfect one where Krishna says, I'm the source of everything, everything emanates from me.I'm the cause of all causes. He also says, whatever is glorious, beautiful or opulent , know that it is born of a spark of my splendour. So, there must be no doubting in His words. So this, Shiva, Durga, they get their majesty from Krishna.  They have got no independent existence beyond Krishna. When Krishna plyed flute during Rasa dance, Shiva, Devi maa, Nrayan, Lakashmi, all got attracted by the music and wanted to take part in the dance. This suggests the supremacy of Krishna and His infinite opulences which form the source of both material and spiritual opulences. Ultimately, Krishna is the personality of Godhead, since 1) He is full of six opulences 2) He is all-attractive. He attracts male, female, animals, birds and everything in the creation. Without the property of all-attraction, one can't be God. The very name 'Krishna' means all-attractive. And God and God alone can be all-attractive. Lord Shiva , Devi maa, they only work under the direction of Krishna. They r not sovereign. But those belonging to Shiva cult and the Devi cult are not aware of this fact. Consequently, they take them to be Godheads. Shiva and Devi-maa, and other demigods, r not all-attractive. They can't be considered as Godheads.
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      "Shiva and Devi-maa,..... r not all-attractive."

      This is not correct way to put it. Forgive me for saying it prabhu.

      Lord Shiva is the greatest of Vaishnavas. Devi maa is also devotee. She is in charge of 1/3 of Lord Krishna's energy, the material world.

      They are extremely attractive. How could they not be attactive? Lord Shiva is an expansion of Lord Vishnu.

      newsletter from, New Goloka:

      "On Febuary 18th we celebrated the auspicious occasion of Siva Ratri.

      One might question why do we celebrate Siva Ratri in a Krishna Temple? Who is Lord Siva according to the previous acaryas in the Vaisnava line? In the Srimad -Bhagavatam and other Vedic literatures it is explained that Lord Siva is the greatest Vaisnava of Lord Krishna. He is always meditating on Lord Krishna with devotion. We honor Lord Siva in relationship to Lord Krishna. It is explained that he is not an ordinary jiva soul but is an expansion of Lord Vishnu."

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        Does Shiva attract u with His beauty like Krishna, prabhuji?? Krishna has 'sriyah'.
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          We must not speak so lightly of Lord Shiva who is foremost Vaishnava.

          Are we not all attracted to Prabhupada?

          We are all attracted to devotees of the Lord, because of their relationship with Lord Krishna.

          Please dont mis understand. I am not criticizing you Prabhu.

          I have learnt my lessons not to criticize a devotee of the Lord. By the blessing of devotees here I kicked the bad habit.

          Very detrimental to spiritual growth. One of the 10 Namaparada

          • Volunteer
            I'm not slighting Shiva Prabhuji, I hv very clearly mentioned 'Shiva is no doubt a great devotee of Lord Rama, hence the greatest of Vaishnavas' and that he is a  'great well-wisher of the devotees of Shri Hari'. But when the question comes about the Supreme-personality of Godhead, it is Krishna who is established. Lord Hanuman is the greatest servitor and the greatest devotee, but we all know Lord Ram as the Supreme personality of Godhead.
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              I understand Prabhu, its just how you said it. Perhaps its the shortcomings of English language. Forgive me if I offended you.


              Hare Krishna

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          Shiva is no doubt a great devotee of Lord Rama, hence 'the greatest of Vaishnavas', but His position can't be superior to or parallel to Krishna, and it is clearly mentioned in Padma-purana(though I can't remember the exact Sanskrit verse). Whatever power or opulence He has, is derived from Krishna. Shiva is great well-wisher of the devotees of Shri Hari, u can put it in that way. Shiva is an expansion of Krishna, which means His source or cause of His existence is Krishna. Krishna never expands from anything. He is the origin of all causes, expansions and incarnations, hence Krishna is the personality of Godhead.
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