Why did we rebel?

Hare Krishna!
My question today is that the spiritual world is such a perfect place with 100% happiness and no sorrow at all. Then why did we ever think of rebelling against Krishna in such a pure atmosphere of spiritual world?. Looking forward to your enlightening response.
Your Servant,
Avinash G.
Jai Shree Krishna.

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            • Hare Krishna Mataji,

              Yes you're right. We're holding maya and now we have to make a strong determination to get out of its clutches with the mercy of Krishna.

              Your Servant,

              Avinash G.

              Jai Shree Krishna!

      • Hi,  


        According to advanced Vaishnava we were in the tatastava shakti (brahmajyoti). We had a choice. Either good or bad. I mean even NOW we know Krishna is God and there is a God but do we whole heardhly worship Him as per the rules? )

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