Why did Krishna not save his devotee ???

Hare Krishna dear devotees ! Dandavat Pranam !

Today i read a very disturbing news in the morning newspaper and whole day i was thinking that "why did Krishna not save his devotee ?? "

The news was about a 75 year old vaishnav mataji who was gangraped and murdered in burdwan district of west bengal in her cottage. On the very day of this incidence, she organized "hari nama sankirtan" at her cottage to celebrate gopinath mela....and many devotees gathered at her cottage....and after the bhajan event was over....and when everyone left...some goons came n did this to her. 


For a neophyte like me......this news is very disturbing as it weakens my faith on Krishna.

Why did Krishna or Lord Chaitanya not save this vaishnav mataji from goons.....?? 

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  • when that moment comes, even if the non devotee helplessly says in the mind -dear lord please help me-,

    that person will be saved without any doubt.

    anyway, the problem is that many people  dont believe in god, despite thinking   themselfs  religious. 

  • That may appear like Bad Karma; but you do not know that with this experience the soul would have been purified to such an extent that there is no need of another birth to suffer


  • Hi

    hare krisha , PAMO , OGTSP ,
    to answer your query saying why krishna has not saved the old vaishnav lady .
    to be clear with it by saying TO SAVE . what is exactly your understanding of Lord's saving .
    we cant expect that when we are in great trouble krishna appears in one or other form and save us.
    when Lord says he will save us from all the sins and troubles then he is saying that the ultimate goal of any soul is to attain vaikuntha . and one perform the bhakti of lord with full and devoted heart God confirms the souls place in Vaikuntha .
    now come back to incident .
    i must tell you that you must be aware of Situation of Shridama (Lord's Best friend) . can you tell me the life he had lived was rich and Happy . you must know that even shridama has no food to feed his own family and once there was not even a single drop of oil to glow the lamp .
    so can we says that the devotion of shridama is lesser and why krishna has not given him riches .
    and if you read krishna leela or mahabharata . you will find lot many incidents suggesting far greater souls who is devoted to krishna are in Pain . but their achievement is eternal not material .
    like Radha , meera , prahlad , Narsinh Mehta , there are many who are in difficult situation but their devotion to lord made then great and they have achieved immorality and attained vaikuntha .

    so though that old vaishnav mataji have to gone through this lord might have washed all her acts and she had attained the MOKSHA.
    and after all that goons who did this heinous act not mataji .
    so dont loose your faith in lord and under the scriptures (geeta , bhagvatam) from Guru to better understand essence of it. so you will know what to understand if Lord says i will save my devotee from all the difficuties.

    Please forgive me if i have used some harsh words .
    hare Krishna

    • you said :    

       when Lord says he will save us from all the sins and troubles then he is saying that the ultimate goal of any soul is to attain vaikuntha .


      thats not correct.

      if the lord says he will save us from sins and troubles, that means actually what he says.

      anyway,  devotees of lord usually dont have a wish of to get moksha or liberation.

      SB 11.20.34 — Because My devotees possess saintly behavior and deep intelligence, they completely dedicate themselves to Me and do not desire anything besides Me. Indeed, even if I offer them liberation from birth and death, they do not accept it.


      by the way, lifes ultimate goal is love of godhead,  not vaikuntha destination as you said.

  • Sri Krishna is talking about eternal protection.

    We have uncountable mountain ranges of good and bad karma which have piled-up, over many lifetimes, like many ranges of the Himalayan Mountains.  What we suffer in this life is a tiny drop of what is coming our way. That is why we take shelter of guru and God.

    I have no doubt that the Lord has saved His precious child mataji.  Her fear and pain was forgotten when she left her body.  And I like the Astrologer's post below, which insinuates that this mataji may have also seen the Lord coming to save her, even before the very end. I'm not strong on astrology, but it seems like something that Krishna would do.. to deliver you in good consciousness, when all you have left in your suffering, is to call out to Him. (now, some of my tears are falling for her and others)

    I was a Funeral service director here in USA for a decade.  Many, many burials and cremations.  Much advising to grieving families. Many stories of the Lord's mercy in terrible situations. 

    We cannot see the eternal-picture... only Sri Krishna can.   We see a person jump out of a plane, and we say "Oh, God! what will happen to this good person.. he has lept from a plane and will surely die!!"

    Then, a parachute opens, and they land safe.  We did not know the jumper had a parachute, so we cry-out in our ignorance for fear of the other's well-being.  But Krsna loves us.  Especially, His devotees He loves.

    I guarantee, not all devotees will have a peaceful or painless death.  So we just try to Love Krsna, and Serve Him, and Worship Him.  Sri Krishna never forgets His devotees, and He never stops loving us.

    ys, rf

  • cant tell who is devotee and who isnt just by looking into the stars,

    because devotee of lord can be anyone,  candala, demon, prostitute, brahmana, celestial or even animal.

    in kali yuga from all humans just some of them are beleive in supreme personality of godhead,

    from those who beleive in existence of god, some of them  have a faith,

    and from those who have a faith, some of them  have devotion for dear lord. 

    therefore devotee of lord is rare diamond, which is difficult to find. 

    anyway, devotees do not suffer results of their sins like others:

    SB 11.14.19 — My dear Uddhava, just as a blazing fire turns firewood into ashes, similarly, devotion unto Me completely burns to ashes sins committed by My devotees.


    pandavas, draupadi, brahmana bharata, sri prahrada, and many other devotees are real examples of gods protection.

    actually ,even nowadays, many human lives are saved from car accidents, wild animals, disasters or diseases

    just with a drop of faith in god, what to talk about devotion.



  • Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Dandavat pranams! AGTSP!

    This is a very good question. I can only share another such incident from a devotee in Radha Rasabihari temple (Juhu) whose daughter who was also an initiated devotee was raped and murdered. But, one senior sanyasi who is an astrologer analyzed her horoscope and concluded that she had left her body before she was stangulated in a perfect state of Krishna consciousness. If Krishna says he will protect his devotee, we should trust him fully, though in some cases like these, it may be hard from an external vision as to how he has protected the devotee. 

    Please read this analysis here - 



    Nandarani.com: Analysis of an Astrologer

  • Hare Krishna, May be to take away all there bad karma at once and take them back to  Godhead Krishna allow these things to happen. It happend with many devotees that they had  suffered a lot before leaving this body and they were very sincere in devotional service.

    • many humans in different religions and spiritual paths are chanting different lords names 

      and this is the result of such chanting :

      SB 6.2.8 — The Viṣṇudūtas continued: Even previously, while eating and at other times, this Ajāmila would call his son, saying, “My dear Nārāyaṇa, please come here.” Although calling the name of his son, he nevertheless uttered the four syllables nā-rā-ya-ṇa. Simply by chanting the name of Nārāyaṇa in this way, he sufficiently atoned for the sinful reactions of millions of lives.



      sri ajamila was calling his dear son with affection and fathers love and with such state of mind and heart uttered holy name of lord and sufficiently atoned for the sinful reactions of millions of lives.

      only problem  is proud stone heart offences to lord and his dear devotees,

      without heart melting, devotion will not ever start, no matter what.

      anyway, just by shouting the lords name, even without devotion will save the person of going to hell :

      SB 6.2.14 — One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the reactions of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly [to indicate something else], jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures.

      SB 6.2.15 — If one chants the holy name of Hari and then dies because of an accidental misfortune, such as falling from the top of a house, slipping and suffering broken bones while traveling on the road, being bitten by a serpent, being afflicted with pain and high fever, or being injured by a weapon, one is immediately absolved from having to enter hellish life, even though he is sinful.


      praying to dear krishna for her benefit, we can be sure that mataji is on  better place then we are right now.

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